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REVIEW Nivea Makeup Clear 2-in-1 Foam

Hi guys!

I have been paying more attention to potential drugstore products nowadays and I'm glad I found this:

Nivea Makeup Clear 2-in-1 Foam!

I didn't have high expectation to this product because well drugstore facial wash always lets me down. However, this product proved me wrong.

Despite the fact that this product contains fragrance (a quite strong one too, like what you can always expect from Nivea products), it works wonderfully in taking off makeup!

The texture of this product is very thick, a bit creamy, and it lathers very well.

That day I tried to test if this product is really effective by using makeup. I'm sorry I did not take a picture, I would probably update this post later with more pics.

I used concealer, powder foundation, lipcream, and blush on. After I wet my face and make the product lathers on my palm, I apply it to my face and massage it. I could see that the concealer and powder foundation was taken off because the lather slightly turned to light yellow. After that I washed my face with water.

After my face was dry, I tested if there is any makeup residue with my Neutrogena toner, and my cotton pad was clean. No residue! *applause*

Therefore I can say that this product actually works as makeup cleanser. However, this product heavily absorps skin oil so people with dry skin should be careful not to rub it too hard on your face and to use creamy moisturiser after using this foam.

That is all! Thanks for reading! :D

(p.s. Next post will be about affordable daily makeup. I would probably test this product to wash it off after I put on makeup so stay tuned!)

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