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REVIEW Kefir Mask Secret Care


Have you heard about kefir before?

A glimpse of what kefir is:

Kefir has many benefits if consumed regularly but not only that it benefits from the inside, it is also beneficial if it is used from the outside, which is why many people use kefir as face mask. It is believed to be able to calm breakouts, remove acne blemishes, and moisturise your skin.

A trusted instagram onlineshop (@secretcare_) sent me piles of kefir mask to try and review. They have 3 variants and I listed the ingredients too:

Original: Kefir, organic japan's rice flour

Yellow: kefir, organic japan's rice flour, turmeric, honey, extra virgin olive oil

Green: kefir, organic japan's rice flour, green tea, honey, extra virgin olive oil

I used them everyday for 6 days and on the 7th day I can see that my face looks more supple and my skin tone is more even. I couldn't believe that until my sister asked me what I have been using because my face looks brighter.

Another thing that I love about this kefir mask from @secretcare_ is the ingredients. They are all natural! No colourings, no fragrances, no preservatives! They are even edible (but I didn't taste any of the mask, I don't have the desire to taste it).

One thing to be concerned about is the expiry date. Because it has no preservatives, it can only last for 10 days. However, I think I am more than okay with it.

Another wonder this product does is if you use it in the morning before doing your makeup, it will add healthy glow to your face.

So I did an experiment. Usually I use face mask at night before going to sleep so that I can wake up with glowy face. But then I thought why not use it in the morning and see if the mask makes any difference to my makeup.

The face on the left is my face with concealer, translucent powder and lipstick, without using kefir mask beforehand.

The face on the right is my face with concealer, translucent powder and lipstick, using kefir mask before applying the makeup.

As you can see, the face on the right has more glow, thanks to using kefir mask beforehand <3

(oh and in case you are wondering, on the left picture I use LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Fleur. On the right picture I use Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit, with a light dab of Loreal Maple Mocha lipstick on my bottom lip)

To be honest I don't know how much this mask costs, go ask the owner. I swear she's really nice and helpful. You can comment on their instagram ( or drop a question at their askfm (@ravirgi). She'll get back to you very soon.

You guys should try this mask, it's worth every penny!

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