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Erase Dark Circles Under Eyes with this!


I hope you still remember that some time around last month I wrote a review about a brow & lash serum that I received from an instagram onlineshop called

Now I'm going to review their eye serum for dark circle.

After a 1 month trial, I have to say that it does help lessen the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. As I'm observing each day, I think this product helps by moisturising the area under the eyes making it look more supple and thus, decrease the dark circles.

Of course it's not a magical product because there is no product that is magical. It takes time. It depends on your lifestyle as well, but I can say that this product truly helps.

What I like about the products from this store is that they use natural ingredients:

almond oil, aloe vera, vitamin e, vitamin a

Like the brow & lash serum, this eye serum also has pure almond oil smell, which I really like.

If you have dark circles and you want an improvement, try this product! <3 I promise it's not expensive.

Go to this instagram onlineshop


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