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REVIEW Make Over Camouflage Cream Concealer & Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick 016 (Silhouette)


Today I'm gonna be reviewing two products from Indonesia's very own makeup brand (that I personally love), Make Over!

These are Make Over Camouflage Cream Concealer and Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick 016 (shade Silhouette):

The cream concealer comes in a pallete consisting of 5 different colours with different functions. At the back side of the box there is a detailed description on what each colour is used for and also an expiration date.

From left to right:

- Light Beige: Use as a highlighter. It can also be mixed with Beige to cover dark circles under eyes.

- Beige : To cover blemishes or imperfections

- Light green: To cover redness

- Light purple: To brighten dull skin

- Orange: Brightening effect on dark skin, can also be used as blush-on base

It comes with a small brush but I much prefer to apply the concealer with my finger because it blends out more nicely. The concealer is non-fragranced. It is creamy, which I really like, and the colour is neutral so any skin tone will do.

This is a picture of how I use the concealer. My main concern is dark circle under eyes and nothing else so I don't really use the light green one but if you have pimples, the light green will be super helpful in covering them.

I use the beige one first and then top it off with the light beige under my eyes to cover dark circles. I blended them out with the Real Technique sponge. You can see how nice it looks after it is blended out. The concealer covers my dark circles really well and they last pretty long. Almost 7 hours without any touch-up.

I set the concealer with translucent powder from The Body Shop and they last even longer, more than 7 hours. Anyway, I bought this at AEON (they have Make Over counter in front of Guardian) for Rp 125.000,00.

The next product is the matte lipstick. My most favourite product from Make Over: Ultra Hi matte lipstick! The shade I'm showing you right now is their newest shade, 'Silhouette'. They made 2 new shades, this one and the pitch black one. I skipped the black one because I don't have the courage or the willingness to use black lipstick (yet).

I reviewed ultra hi matte lipstick before, you can read them here the packaging is the same. A very mild fragrance (almost non-fragranced), very easy to apply, non-drying, longlasting, and... it's matte. I love matte lipsticks, they look neat.

Silhouette is a brown nude that I think will suit all skin tone, perfect for everyday use. It's very office-appropriate as well. Or campus-appropriate, because it does not scream for attention like red lipsticks.

I bought this lipstick for Rp 89.000,00 at the same counter where I bought the concealer. So a total of Rp 214.000,00.

Which is a shame because at sociolla I could get both of them for only Rp 164.000,00.

HOW? Use the code SBNLA9QB when you're checking out the items. Here, I'll show you step by step.

See the TOTAL is still Rp 214.000,00 right? You type SBNLA9QB at the bottom left beside the 'APPLY' bar

After typing SBNLA9QB, klik APPLY and this is what you'll get:

A TOTAL of Rp 164.000,00! Yeay! And FREE SHIPPING too! <3

If you like these products and want to try them on I highly suggest buying them on sociolla because you save a lot of money compared to buying these products at the mall.

That is all for today's review. Feel free to comment! :D

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