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EVENT REPORT and REVIEW Juara Skincare (Sociolla x Juara)


Okay so on February 5th, sociolla, in collaboration with JUARA Skincare, held a Blogger Meet Up event at Sociolla Pop Up Plaza Indonesia. The event consisted of a talkshow with a spokeperson from Juara, free products trial, afternoon tea, doorprize, and the most anticipated one: Goodie Bag!

This is how the goodie bag looks like:

I forgot to take a closer picture of the goodie bag so I took a pic of it -not a pretty one too, but hey the colour matches so I think that's forgivable- inside my car, in the middle of a heavy traffic jam :(

Inside the goodie bag, there are a booklet and a pouch consists of its products:

I am always excited to try new products! And this time it's from a New York based skincare line: JUARA.

You might be wondering why a brand that is based in the US used an Indonesian word. The answer is because one of the founders of JUARA is Indonesian. There are four founders of Juara and they came various cultural backgrounds and they have desire to combine their Eastern and Western cultures into their skincare line.

The reason why they name the brand with Indonesian word, JUARA, which means "champion" in english, is because their line is based on Indonesia's Jamu tradition.

What I LOVE about Juara is that their products are gentle on sensitive skin. Why? Because they do not add harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, and they always make sure their skincare is dermatologist-tested, with a balanced ph.

Their brand is also cruelty free. No testing on animals.

The goodie bag consists of 4 types of products:

1. Candlenut Nourishing Massage Oil

What I super love about this oil is its scent. I swear it's the most calming scent ever. The oil is very moisturising but very light, so it's super comfortable to use anytime. Not just when you're massaging your body.

Look at how lightweight the oil is as portrayed in the picture below

You really have to write this down on your list of BEST MASSAGE OIL because this is currently my best massage oil. Massage oils tend to be sticky and super heavily oily, but not with this one.

2. Candlenut Body Polish & Candlenut Body Creme

Candlenut scent is the best, I'm telling you, it's so relaxing and the scent is longlasting too. I keep sniffing my hand every after using these candlenut line.

When opened, they look like this (I used most of it so it looks pretty empty :p)

The body polish is a great type of scrub because it is not too harsh. It exfoliates your skin really well without damaging it by being too abrasive.

You can see the granules look tiny and soft not super bulky and rough. It does a really great job removing dead skin cells on your body.

The body creme, still with the super calming scent of Candlenut, deeply moisturises your skin and most importantly does not leave your skin feeling sticky and oily. It is absorbed very nicely onto the skin and the scent stays for hours!

3. Sweet Black Tea and Ginger Mattefying Moisturiser

As you can see in the description at the back of the packaging, it is oil-free, formulated for oily skin, shine reducing and purifying that gives luminous matte finish. I am sorry that I did not take a picture of what the inside product looks like but it is a colorant free, with a consistency between cream and gel, and very easy to absorbs onto skin.

I tried this moisturiser for 3 nights in a row and everytime I use this moisturiser, I feel that my skin complexion looks better and it prevents my skin from looking oily. I am pretty sure it is because the product moisturises my skin well that my skin does not produce as much oil as before.

Oh and by the way it is good to use before makeup too because it softens your skin, preparing it for a better application of makeups. The scent is light, still very relaxing like other Juara skincare products. Although I always prefer unscented moisturiser on my face, I can give an exception to this (besides an exception for my Sunday Riley's Good Genes) because it is sooo good.

If you are wondering where you can buy these products, Juara is available in all Sephora stores in Indonesia but if you hate the hassles of going to the physical store, you can just sit back and relax at home and purchase these beauties at Sociolla.

At sociolla, you can use the code BELLINDA50 to get a discount of Rp 50.000,00 and FREE SHIPPING too!

Go buy it now because the code ends on the end of March!

(If you are clueless about how to add this code at Sociolla, read my explanation here)

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