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REVIEW LT Pro Long Lasting Matte Lip Cream


I finally purchased these lip creams last week and I was lucky because AEON is having a promo for LT Pro Matte Lip Cream where I can get each product for Rp 76.000,00 (normal price is Rp 95.000,00) and if I bought 2 or more I would get 1 free eyeliner!

So I did buy 2. And I did get the free eyeliner, but I forgot to take a picture of the eyeliner.

I chose shade 03 and 06 because these days I have been depending on nude lipsticks way lot more than bright coloured lipsticks. And I fell in love at the first sight when I applied these two on my wrist.

When I first applied it, I doubted its staying power because the texture is very creamy. Like NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. And for you who have tried NYX SMLC, I'm sure you know how bad the staying power is. HOWEVER, after leaving the LT Pro Matte Lip Cream for 2 minutes, it became matte, true matte. Like Colourpop matte liquid lipstick.

And the staying power is amazing.

Fragrance-wise.. I don't think the scent of this lipstick is disturbing. It's just a subtle vanilla scent and it disappeared completely after it is dried (which is around 1-2 minutes). It has the expiration date on its packaging too! <3

What I love about this product besides its staying power is that it does not feel dry, in fact it felt moisturising <3 Really you should try this. I frickin love this product and I have been using the shade 03 almost every day since I bought it!

The applicator is a regular liquid lipstick applicator, which is a doe-foot applicator. And it works very nicely in applying the product precisely.

The shade 03 is a brownish nude with a slight hint of pink. I am pretty sure it looks good on people with pale to medium skin tone.

The shade 06 is a more orange brownish nude. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between shade 03 and 06 but I like 03 better. For the shade 06, if you don't like a colour that is too orange, you can top it off with dabs of a brick red lipstick on the center of your lips to make a nice gradient lip.

Have you tried this product? Feel free to let me know what you think and thank you for reading! <3<3

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