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REVIEW Vitacreme B12 Vitablanc & Day Cream Sun Protection SPF30


I am super excited to tell you guys my experience with these two products.

I have been wanting to try these two products because they are so popular in Japan (although they are originally made in Switzerland), but kept hesitating to buy because they are quite pricy. Fortunately, Sociolla sent me these two products to try and review.

Although I got these items for free, I swear what I tell you about these products is 100% honest. I will never ever ever mislead you guys to buy lame products even if I was paid billions.

1. Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF30+++

I am very thankful that the SPF is ideal for my daily activities since I no longer got so much exposure to sunlight like what I experienced in Brisbane. SPF30 is enough for me now.

The packaging is sturdy, and it is safely sealed.

Texture: gel-like cream. It looks thick but when you apply it to your skin it feels light, like gel.

Fragrance: sadly this one is fragranced, but not too overwhelming. And the scent disappears in seconds so it's not a big deal. It is at the very bottom on ingredients list too so sensitive skin should not be too worried to try this one out.

It contains vitamin B12, Panthenol and Allantoin for good hydration. And ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, a vitamin C derivative, which is good to brighten skin.

Overall, I like this sunscreen even though I still love my Skin Aqua more. If you're looking for a more hydrating sunscreen, you can opt for this one. Because this is essentially a day cream, but with an SPF.

9/10 for this cream.

2. Vitacreme B12 Vitablanc

The first time I used this product I did not expect anything extraordinary. However, I used it at night and the next morning my skin felt sooo soft and clean (?). Like when I use my exfoliant at night. I checked the ingredients list and I found salicylic acid and glycyrrhetinic. That is why.

This cream contains so much good ingredients despite it containing fragrances, linalool, and citronellol (which are not recommended for sensitive skin).

The texture is very similar to the SPF 30 day cream. It is creamy but is easily absorbed into skin. It moisturises so well and it exfoliates well too, apparently. So I will recommend this to everyone but people with sensitive skin.

My mom has been using this product too and she recognises a decrease in her brown spots.

so 9/10 for this product <3


You can buy this at the nearest drugstore OR you can sit back and relax at your house ordering it from Sociolla.

The Vitacreme Day Cream SPF30 (click to go to the product site) and Vitacreme Vitablanc is Rp 269.000 each.


You can get this at Sociolla, each for just Rp 219.000,00 with my code: SBNLA9QB.

Farmer's Market sells this too but with more expensive price, Rp 292.000,00.

The choice is yours, guys! But well if you can get it cheaper why choose to pay more? :D

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