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REVIEW Secret Care Baday Hair Treatment Oil & Liplicious Lip Scrub


If you read my old posts you will find a review post of a local homemade brand named Secret Care.

I told you how their kefir mask suits me, right? Now I wanna tell you two new products from Secret Care that I love!

1. Hair Treatment Oil 'Baday'

I know, I know, it's an eccentric name. But trust me it works wonderfully.

You can see from its ingredients that it will do wonder to your hair, especially dry hair. And I have proven that myself.

It contains natural oil, as listed above. How to use it is very very easy, you just apply it to your dry hair evenly, and leave it for about 30-60 minutes before shampooing.

It says on the packaging that the product is safe to use on scalp but I did not try it on my scalp because my scalp is rather oily. So I only apply it to my hair from mid length to the end.

One fact, I skip conditioner when I use this hair oil because just this treatment oil is enough to condition my hair. Plus side because it saves more time.

2. Liplicious Lip Scrub

The second product from Secret Care that I really like is their lip scrub. It smells like chocolate candy! And it exfoliates my lips really well.

It is made of sugar (mostly), and other beneficial natural oil that scrubs off dry lips while at the same time moisturizes the lips.

It is also very easy to use. You just massage it on your lips for about 30-60 seconds and rinse it with water. Even if you don't use lipbalm after, your lips still feel sooo moisturized.

I need to tell you this, though. Because it is made of only natural ingredients, ants love this :''D I am serious. I left it for 10 minutes and ants were already about to get in to the product.

So it is SAFER to keep this lip scrub in the refrigerator. So ants cannot get near this product.

Overall, I really recommend these two products. Thank you Secret Care for letting me try your new products! You can check them out on Secret Care's instagram here

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