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REVIEW Esfolio Sheet Masks All Variants


For you who follow my social media accounts (instagram,, you will notice that I've done the second giveaway.

I gave away some of the mask sheets that I bought in South Korea last 2 weeks. These are some of the masks that I gave away.

Now, I feel like I need to share my experience in using this Esfolio brand because some of you said that you have never heard of it.

I bought 6 variants, which are Aloe, Snail, Bird's Nest, Red Ginseng, Banana, and Pearl.

I have tried all six and I have to say that I AM SUPER IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND.


1. Their ingredients are simple. The Sodium Hyaluronate is listed at the top list of ingredient, and fragrance at the very last.

2. The mask feels like jelly. If you have ever used mask sheets before (the The Face Shop ones, or Etude House, or Celebon, and whatnot) you will agree with me that it feels like very wet tissue. It's soaked, but the mask still feels like tissue/thin paper.

This mask is not like that. The sheet is sooo full of gel-like essence it makes it feel like putting jelly on your skin, which feels SOOOO GOOOD <3

3. There is a lot of essence left that I can use to moisturise my neck, knees, and hands. The essence has gel-like consistency which absorbs easily and feels really nice.

4. The scent is light, relaxing, not overwhelming. Yes, 'fragrance' listed at the very last on the list explains that.

5. Because the mask is lightweight, it is absorbed easily and you won't get oily face after. Only supple and moisturised skin.

In general, the Esfolio masks are all the same. However, I found that some variants suit my combination skin better than the others. What are those?

The snail, Red Ginseng, and Aloe vera mask. However I found that the Banana one is the most interesting and I think you should try it.

:D until next time!

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