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REVIEW Wardah DD Cream & Avene Ceracalm


I'm gonna share my experience in using these two products I got from Sociolla for August freebies.

The first one is Wardah DD Cream (you can click it to go to the site) shade 01 (Light). I have been wanting to try this product but I hesitated because I was being skeptical with the term DD cream. I thought bb cc dd cream are actually the same and I am not a fan of gimmick so I decided not to try dd cream.

BUT fortunately Sociolla sent this so I can finally try it.

I attached the picture of its ingredients list, I hope it's readable.

The size is perfect, I think. It's small enough for you to carry everyday, safe for travelling, and I always prefer the long slim packaging to short bulky packaging, so in terms of size and shape, I gave this product a 9/10.

It says that it has vitamin E and C, and SPF, but trust me it won't do much to your skin in terms of caring because the percentage is low. This product is a makeup product and that is just it. HOWEVER, as a makeup product, it surprised me in a very good way.

The consistency is between cream and liquid so it's perfect. It covers well and it's sooo easy to blend. I used my Ecotool Retractable Kabuki Brush to apply this on my face and the result is fantastic.

It blends very well with the skin and it definitely evens out my skin tone. I'm sorry I haven't attached the picture of my face using this product, but I will later.

It has light fragrance that is not overwhelming at all.

In conclusion, I like this dd cream because it serves its function as a base makeup very very well. It's super super cheap, and super easy to get. You can buy this at Sociolla, there are two shades available for you to choose. For light to medium I'd recommend using the shade 'Light' and for skin tones darker than medium I'd suggest using the 'Natural' shade.


The next freebie is this sample sized Avene XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream.

It is targeted for those with very dry skin. At first I thought it would be too oily for me, for my skin type is combination-oily. But after I tried it I realised that because it absorbs really well, it doesn't feel heavy at all.

You can look at the ingredients here:

No fragrance, no paraben, I think it's very safe for all skin types. And I highly recommend this to people with dry-combination skin. This is seriously a holy grail for dry-combination skin because it balances out sebum secretion, making your face looks less oily.

The full sized product is a bit pricy but worry not, you can use my code 'SBNLA9QB' to buy this product and I promise it won't let you down.

Thanks for reading guys! <3

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