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Double Cleansing with Menard Tsukika

I am sure most of you are familiar with the term 'double cleansing'. In short, double cleansing refers to a 2-step-facial cleansing which consists of massaging cleansing cream all over your face to remove makeup and dirt, followed by washing your face with face wash.

From what I know, double cleansing is originated from Japan, which means that the best products for double cleansing come from Japan.

One of the most reputable brands from Japan that consistently promote double cleansing is... MENARD!

If you want to try these products (and I do really recommend you to), you can get them at Sociolla. If you buy the Tsukika Washing Cream + Clay Aserie Pack package with this code: MDBELL, you will get FREE Tsukika Cleansing Cream + Mini Beauness 30ml + Mini Herbmask + Foaming Net (worth gift and Discount IDR 619.600,-)!!! WOW, right?

I was sent these products to try and review, and I have been using these since mid October until now. For someone who is not really a fan of fragranced skincare products, these products are truly exceptions. The smell is very light, and it is relaxing. It feels really nice massaging the product while enjoying its light and calming fragrance.

1. Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream

Like its name, it is creamy when you first apply it on your skin. However, as you massage it on your skin, it melts into oil! And it feels suuuuper nice. It feels like all the dirts and makeup residues on your face are thoroughly cleansed.

Ingredients are safe, double check at:

(To give you a much clearer idea of how pleasant it is to apply this product, I will give you a short video tutorial of double cleansing. Make sure to watch it!)

2. Menard Tsukika Washing Cream

The second step of double cleansing is washing your face with face wash. The interesting thing about this product is that you need to make a rich lather first and you apply the lather on your skin but only the lather touches your skin. The lather massages the skin, not your hand. So your hands should not touch your skin. That way, the micro leather can get into the pores and cleanse it thoroughly. That's what I was told.

And again, the feeling, guys. It feels reaaallllyyyy really nice applying the rich lather to your skin and the after effect is apparent since the first use!

Ingredients are safe, you can double check:

3. Menard Aserie Clay Pack

The last one is the Aserie clay mask. It is a very popular mask, everybody loves this so I was super excited to try it on, and it truly did not disappoint me. Believe it or not, my pimple dried out on one night after I used this. I am now addicted to this mask and I use it 1-2 times per week! I don't know if it's bad for my skin or not but I just super love the sensation and the after effect :') Trust me guys you really should give this mask a try.

THIS, below, is a video of how to do double cleansing with Menard Tsukika. I hope it helps you who are not familiar with double cleansing yet :D

Don't forget to buy these products with MDBELL code before November 24th, guys! <3

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