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REVIEW Maybelline Flush Bitten Lip Lipsticks (All 4 Colours!)


If you’re into Korean makeup, or if you’re a fan of Korean drama/music/whatnots you must be familiar with ombre lips!

The cute style of putting on lipstick, in which you apply a lighter shade of lipstick first, and then apply a darker shade at the center of your bottom lip, making a gradation.

Laneige is known to be the pioneer in making ombre lip lipstick (one lipstick – two colours) so that you can get an ombre lip in one swatch. I made a review about ombre lip and how to make a laneige ombre lip look using cheaper products here.

And then Maybelline launched their newest product which is the Flush Bitten Lip (I honestly think the name is really smart. Ombre lip does look like a bitten lip), with 4 shades to choose:

Left to right: RD03, PK01, OR01, RD01

I was stoked not only because the colours are all super pretty, but also because it’s soooo cheap. It’s even cheaper because Sociolla is having this 50% of promo if you buy 3 of this product (so it’s only about 60k rupiahs each).

Here they are and how the shades look on my wrist:

Top to bottom: RD01, RD03, OR01, PK01

The finish is glossy, it makes your lip look healthy. You can clearly see the gradation and how it naturally blends sooo easily. It moisturizes your lips very well and it sort of stains your lip. On my lips the colour stayed for more than 5 hours, I drank water about 3 times within that length of time. So I can say that it’s pretty longlasting for a glossy lip product.

I can’t say that it’s the best product for me because I still prefer matte lipsticks to glossy ones. However, this lipstick has become my number one choice whenever I wanna look not too makeup-y. It looks so natural, it looks as if you only wear lip balm!

If you’re new to the lipstick wagon, or you’re not a fan of the heavy matte look, you really should try this!

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