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REVIEW Maybelline Lip Tint (ALL 4 SHADES)


Oh my it's lip tint! Although I use lipsticks more often now, my heart will forever be for lip tints <3

People who know me well know exactly that I am #TeamNude when it comes to lipsticks. However for lip tints, I am always a #TeamVibrant! :D which is why when Sociolla sent a package of these lovelies to me I couldn't say no.

The packaging is decent I think. It's not particularly amazing although I think it's sturdy enough. What I like most about the packaging is that you can clearly see what shade you're holding.

Also, I super love the applicator because it's so flexible so it reaches every part of your lip without being messy.

Moving on to the swatches, here from left to right we have shade 01, 02, 07, 08. I seriously can't pick a fave because I love them all. Seriously am. They all look natural on lips under 1 condition*

It smells slightly fruity, not overwhelming though. The texture is kinda sticky because it's gel. But that's what I love about this lip tint. It does not drying AT ALL. Unlike most lip tints that crack your lips badly. This one does the opposite: it MOISTURIZES.

*1 condition that I mentioned before is this:

When you finished applying the lip tint on your lips, leave it still on your lips for about 5-10 minutes and then BLOT with tissue. You will have the lip tint tattoed on your lips for a whole day!

Like what happened to my hand:

It literally stayed a whole day! Plus, it does not look like you're wearing lip gloss or lip balm, it will look like it's your lip's natural lip colour (which is the sole purpose of using lip tints)! <3

Again, I won't be bored to remind you again and again that you can buy this at Sociolla and if your purchase is Rp 250.000 or more you can use my code: SBNLA9QB to get a Rp50.000 discount! <3 What a deal, right?

Anyways that is all for today's post! Thank you for reading!

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