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Hi! If you have checked out my youtube channel you must have seen that I like this local brand so much. Why? Because I only have 4 videos and one of them is Mizzu Valipcious Matte swatches! Here's the link:

I have lipsticks from many other brands but I decided to make a swatch video of Mizzu. Mizzu has got to be something I love.

Which is why I was (I still am) so elated when Sociolla sent me a package of these cuties. I just couldn't wait to try them all on.

Besides its quality, what I like about Mizzu is the fact that they try to stand out with their design. To be honest for me this is not the best packaging design ever BUT it stands out among all generic designs (simple black/one tone packaging) and Mizzu deserves an appreciation for that.

The stripy design is catchy and unique and it also enables us to differentiate the shades easily, because it's transparent at the center.

The back side of the packaging has the product's expiry date, which earns a lot of respect from me <3

And this is how it looks like when opened.

The packaging itself is not pretty sturdy, just so so.

They have five pretty shades. Shades 801-805. Shades 801-803 are matte, while shade 804 and 805 are shimmery.

The matte ones last longer than the shimmery ones. I have been using the 801 quite regularly since I received this product because I LOVE IT THAT MUCH. You will see in a lot of my photo that I use Mizzu, including in this recent picture of myself:

I love how the colour shows up but not too vividly. It also stays for more than 7 hours which is amazing for its price: Rp 67.000!

You can buy all 5 with a Rp 50.000 discount using my code SBNLA9QB at Sociolla!

I promise I will update you with pictures of my face using all 5 shades but all in all, I have to say that this blush on is a 9/10! <3 <3 <3

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