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EVENT REPORT and REVIEW Mustika Ratu Matte Lip Cream ALL SHADES | SociollaXMustikaRatu


Who's excited for the newest range of LOCAL matte lip creams? Because apparently the hype of matte lip products are not expiring anytime soon. You better try this new lippy as soon as possible.

It's from a very well-established local brand, Mustika Ratu, that is famous for its body care and skincare.

Who would've thought that Mustika Ratu is able to formulate a matte lip cream that is wonderfully comfortable to use? :'D

In Sociolla Soiree with Mustika Ratu, I am lucky to have been invited. Because then I can take home all 6 shades of this new matte lip cream <3 Thanks Sociolla and Mustika Ratu!

Sociolla Soiree has been known for its cute table setting ;D

Looking at the packaging of this matte lip cream I feel very assured that it's gonna be bomb. That rose gold cap and doff packaging, though, super pretttyyy <3<3

They have 6 shades, 3 neutral colours and 3 bold colours. I personally love all of them. Including the Amusing Asoka, which is a true orange lipstick. If you think orange won't work you should check out Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2. Dian Sastro wore orange lipstick and look at her instantly brightened complexion!

That's what orange lipstick can do. So don't hesitate to try it out! Orange can be fun :D

You might be wondering how it would look like so here it is, a swatch picture of all 6 shades:

I am gonna make a swatch video on my Youtube channel so make sure you subscribe to it :D

Quick review on the matte lip cream:

Texture-wise, this lip cream is very comfortable to use and easy to apply. It's creamy and it's pigmented.

It has a very faint scent, that is sweet like vanilla. Not too strong so you don't have to worry about it if you're not a fan of scented makeup products.

The packaging is sturdy, it's made of plastic so it's light. The size is also not too big or too small so it can fit your pouch perfectly.

And what's sooo important is IT IS NOT DRYING! Can you believe that a kissproof matte lip cream can be moisturising? Well for me myself it does not moisturise but for Merlin's sake it's not dry on my lips! LOVEEEE<3 another plus is the shade fits Asian skin tone so you can get any shade and you'll love it.

You really should try this product because of that. Also because it's cheap! You can get 3 for only Rp260.000 at Sociolla!


Moving on to the event, the event is fun, really. I always love Soirees because it's more intimate and you get a chance to get to know each other. Unlike super large events where it's hard to even sit down.

The CEO of Mustika Ratu, Putri Wardani, explained a bit about the history of Mustika Ratu and how she came up with the idea of making matte lip creams.

This is me taking a picture with one of my faves, the red shade. It's a cool toned red but it fits all skin tone.

At the event there was also an activity in which the bloggers had to wrap the lipstick as if it's gonna be given to someone special. This was my creation: I'm not good with being extravagant at decorating so I did it very minimally xD (and clearly not proud of it) but I guess it still looks kinda sweet?

What's special on the event is also because we got to know the newest product from Mustika Ratu, that has not even been launched:

Olive Oil Make Up Remover! I tried it to remove the matte lip cream and it worked wonderfully. I can't wait for it to be launched :'D and hopefully got some for review hehe

Overall I enjoyed the event and I met lovely bloggers (and I got 6 new lip products) so that's always a great experience!

Thank you for reading! <3<3

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