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REVIEW RCMA No-Color Powder


If you're looking for loose powder that:

1. keeps your skin oil-free all day

2. is shade-less so you won't bother finding the perfect match for your skin

3. affordable and last forever

Then you've got to try this powder:

RCMA (the Research Council of Makeup Artists) No-Color Powder

'Awarded' as the holy grail for beauty enthusiasts all over the world, I have proven myself that this product deserves it (the award).

I hope it's visible from the picture above. But if it wasn't, I'll write it down the main points for you:

1. NO PIGMENT, means 100% transparent

2. NO PERFUME, means ALL SKIN TYPES are welcome

3. no fillers

4. will NEVER ALTER your foundation shade or natural skin tone

Is it really?

I was skeptical at first but I tried using this to set my April Skin BB Cushion and I swear I have never felt soooo naturally poreless. I know it sounds unreal but you've got to try it by yourself so you know. Just use a bit, using a powder brush or a stippling brush, especially on areas that tend to look oily.

It blends wonderfully with the skin and staying true to its claim, it does not alter my bb cushion shade at all.

What's even more amazing is its staying power. I applied it at 10am, and when I got home at 9pm my face still looked oil-free (just slightly dewy, a very nice kinda dewy). I have been using this powder ever since because I just fell in love instantly.

The packaging is nothing special, though. It's made of plastic with a cap like the picture above. I have no problem with plastic, in fact I prefer plastic than glass packaging because plastic packaging is not fragile.

However, I don't really like the design of the packaging. It can get pretty messy because there is nothing to pour the powder to. I usually just pour some on my palms and work it from there. It works fine for me so I don't really mind my disliking towards the packaging.

This is how the powder looks like. Very finely milled. It really helps in achieving smooth and flawless finish, instead of cakey powdery finish.

This has instantly become my go-to loose powder so all I can say is GO BUY IT. Really, it is that good.

When I got this from Ponny Beaute, all I had in my head was 'Where have you been all my life?'

Oh and also, this product is relatively cheap considering its size. I have been using it regularly and it still looks like I have not used any: meaning that it will last forever. You can get it for around Rp200-240.000 in Ponny Beaute. They have a website or alternatively you can contact their Line account.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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