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My Current Shampoos and Conditioner

Someone suggested that I make a post about what haircare products that I use and for this post I decided to only discuss about my current shampoos and conditioner because I have so many treatment products and the post will be too long to read if I include them all :')


I use Kerastase Bain Satin 1. It is for normal to dry hair because well that perfectly describes my hair condition. Normal to dry.

As you can see (well not very clearly, though), it has dimethicone in it (which makes your hair feels smooth but if you use hair products with dimethicone it will make a buildup on your scalp and makes your hair feels 'lepek'. The key is to use a clarifying shampoo after three times using dimethicone products.

I use Villa Lodola Shampoo as my clarifying shampoo. (In the first picture at the top) The product is between Kerastase and Dove. I forgot to take a single pic of Villa Lodola, sorry guys.

Before I discuss the clarifying shampoo, let's get to the CHEAPER version of Kerastase. Well of course they don't work the same wonders but they have the same function: moisturising.

I use Dove if I want to moisturise my hair in a cheaper way hehe because Dove is undoubtedly moisturising. The original types are way too moisturising for my liking so I tried using the new line, the volumising one. It works perfectly because it is moisturising enough but not too much that you find a need to wash your hair everyday!

The pic above is the ingredients list of Dove volumising shampoo.

Trust me guys, this one is better than the other types of Dove shampoo!!

Now let's get to the clarifying one. I use Villa Lodola shampoo (the Vis Vitae line), it is for hair that tends to fall out. Yes, the first problem girls with long hair usually encounter.

The key ingredients of this shampoo (taken from the website are:

Lime Tree Extract*: provides a purifying, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action on the skin. Nettle Extract*: rich in proteins and essential amino acids, it tones and stimulates the skin. Ginseng Extract*: provides an intense toning action on skin tissue Red Grape Extract*: obtained from fresh grapes, it provides intense antioxidant activity Saw Palmetto, Flax* Extract and White Lupin Proteins: act on the three main factors involved in hair loss (hormonal balance, vascular system and cellular metabolism) by respectively inhibiting 5a-reductase enzyme (the main cause of baldness), increasing the vascularisation of the hair follicle and stimulating the metabolic activity of the follicle cells, thereby promoting the keratinisation needed for hair growth.

The texture of this shampoo is very runny but it lathers well enough (unlike most clarifying shampoos). It smells natural (combination of citrusy, amber, kind of smell) and it is not unpleasant at all. I got it from Ozsale but I am sure you can buy it from eBay.

Now moving on to the CHEAPER version of Villa Lodola. It's the Cussons baby shampoo naturals!

Here is the pic of the ingredients. It contains no dimethicone so yes it can be used as clarifying shampoo! And it is a good one too!

I used to use conditioner, but now that I find my hair moisturised enough, I skip conditioner and just apply almond oil to the end of my hair strands. It works perfectly. This almond oil, I got it from Watsons for Rp 150.000,00 at the baby products section. The ingredients are almond oil and tocopherol. Very natural, safe for baby means it's gentle enough.

It is actually aimed to condition body skin but I find this product working perfectly for my hair so why not?

That is all for today! If you want a specific product to be reviewed please let me know :D i'll reply to you as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

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