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Brighten the Skin Using Indonesian Local Products


I am well aware that I have been MIA for months now, although I keep reviewing things on my instagram and (sometimes) Youtube. I am loving Leiden yet hating the amount of assignments and practical stuff that I need to do for my Master's. But I am not here to whine, I am here to give you a new writing!

What's it about? It is about something you keep asking me on Youtube and Instagram: local product recommendations to brighten the skin!

Yes you read it right. I listed step by step + 7 local brand products that I like in order to do those steps, to achieve clean, brightened skin! They are amazingly affordable, although of course you can only get them in Indonesia.

If you are curious about what local products for brightening the skin, just click on the link below:

I hope you find my article helpful! See you on the next post!

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