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SKINCARE REVIEWS - Youtube & Instagram!


It's been ages since I posted here last time and the reason is because... I am doing my Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology, in Leiden University, The Netherlands.

That has taken most of my time, but I still post a lot of skincare routine or mini reviews on my instagram page here: MY INSTAGRAM (click)

And also, I have been uploading more videos on YouTube. I still like to write more than I like to talk in front of the camera, but yes these couple of months I have been focusing more on my studies and my Youtube channel.

The last video that I uploaded was about the super in-demand mask, that is the Freeman mask. I reviewed 8 variants, I did a complete review with ingredients breakdown so you can objectively judge my stance and of course if you have anything to add you can always comment there. Here is the video link:

If you like to read some quick reviews on the newest skincare products that I have and like, you can stop by my instagram and my Youtube!

Until next post, guys!

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