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Body Fragrances: Save or Splurge?

Today I'll be sharing some of my favourite body fragrances!

My mom and I LOVE perfumes. She even has a glass-cupboard full of perfumes from various brands I can't possibly list them down here one by one.

And today, especially for you beloved readers, I picked 6 most favourite body fragrances that I use most frequently.

Like what I did in the old haircare post, I mentioned the more expensive options and the cheaper options (because I know some of you are still in school. You better not spend too much of your parents' money unless you make your own money, okay :D)

Now starting from the SAVE part, the all three that I picked are fragrances mists, it's basically due to the fact that perfumes..the real ones...none of them are cheap. Well I would recommend Pretty by Elizabeth Arden or Bvlgari Omnia, but since I don't use them a lot now (they're nice but not special), I chose the even cheaper options. Here they are:

From left to right:

1. The Sweethearts 'Berry Flirt' (Bath & Body Works)

It has very sweet, youthful scent. For me it smells like combination of berries and honey, which is very nice and it suits teenagers too. I forgot how much, you can check the price on Bath & Body Works website.

2. Victoria's Secret 'Secret Charm'

I've never been a fan of VS perfumes or mists because at first spray it kind of smell tacky, but then when I use this it smells pretty nice and I think it stays longer than I expected so I'm very satisfied with that. I bought this on promo for AUD15 or around Rp 160.000,00 hellacheap

3. Bath & Body Works 'White Tea and Ginger'

The third one is from Bath & Body Works. My sister said it smells like aromatherapy and it's not entirely wrong. But that's a plus side for me because the smell is very relaxing. In times when you feel like your head is heavy and you don't want a very strong fragrance mist, you can always rely on this relaxing fragrance mist :D I can't remember the price, you should visit the website if you wanna know the price.

Moving on to the SPLURGE part.

Here they are:

1. Fragonard 'Etoile' EDP

I bought this when I was in France. I visited the Fragonard factory where they make all the beautiful soaps and perfumes (it was indeed a heaven on earth for me) and bought some soaps and perfumes. One of the perfumes that I bought, that became my favourite perfume is the Etoile one.

It's a mixture of floral, woody, and fruity scents. Perfect. And it does stay for 24 hours. I totally forgot how much this is, I think it's around $100.

2. Jo Malone 'French Lime Blossom'

Tell me who does not love Jo Malone's perfumes? They're the best, really. I used to use the 'Orange Blossom' scent but I'm running out of it and wanted to try a new one so I picked this one. I fell in love with this scent really.

It smells a bit like baby perfume but with a subtle mixture of flowers. I'm terrible at describing scents but the point is I highly recommend this one. Go visit a Jo Malone store and you wouldn't want to go home without bringing home one! I bought it for AUD90.

3. Chloe Signature EDP

Truly is a signature. Love it. Love it. Love it. When in doubt, use Chloe. That's my motto. The price of this perfume is around $100something you can google the price to be sure.

Okay that is all for now guys. thank you so much for reading! I'm open to any comments, suggestions, and whatnots! :D

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