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REVIEW Purbasari Matte Lipsticks EC81, 83, 86

The wait is over! I'm so happy that I have finally found these lipsticks!

Truly a competitor for Wardah because gosh they are hella cheap. Only Rp 32.000,00 (around $3).

I'm just gonna go straight to the point. So I bought these lovelies at AEON Mall BSD (you can find me there often, hehe).

From left to right:

The texture is dry. Wardah LongLasting Lipstick has better texture because it still glides smoothly. The problem with the Purbasari matte lipstick is that they are kind of hard to apply at first but the more you swatch, the more it gets smoother to apply.

Also, whether or not it is drying your lips, I can say that if your lips are moist, they won't feel drying. But if you have dry lips to begin with, the finish would be terrible (an exception for the 'Diamond' shade, I found it really drying regardless of whether or not I moisturise my lips beforehand).

Swatches on hand:

From left to right is:

Topaz (it's dark red if you swatch it multiple times. But under bright lighting it looks like this on a medium skin with yellow undertone (my tone).

Diamond (is light brown, basically). It's my least favourite because it highlights the dry patches of your lips.

Pirus (mauve)

I recommend this product for you because this is really cheap, so if you like to wear lipsticks on a daily basis, you won't be worried of spending too much for lippies. But in terms of moisture, I would much prefer Wardah than this one.

Thanks for reading! :D

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