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REVIEW Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick No. 004 and No. 015


Because I have skipped writing for more than two weeks, today, besides posting about makeup for beginners, I will be reviewing one of the most popular Indonesian makeup products: Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick!

I bought two shades: Number 004 (Red Heatwave) and no. 015 (Fame Fatale) at AEON Mall BSD (you can find me there very often because it's close to where I live) for Rp 89.000,00 each.

I didn't notice that Make Over just launched new shades for their Hi-Matte line and Fame Fatale is one of them, whereas the Red Heatwave isn't one of them.

From the box there is no difference between them two but when you look at the case you'll notice that the newer shade has matte case whereas the older shade has glossy case:

The one at the top is the Red Heatwave, the old shade. The bottom one is Fame Fatale, the new shade.

Swatches on hand:

Left : Red Heatwave

A slightly fuschia kind of red

Right: Fame Fatale

A deep vampy red

Worn on lips:

From left to right: Bare face - Red Heatwave (no. 004) - Fame Fatale (no. 015)

I love this lipstick and will recommend it to everyone because it's matte (even though not as matte as Purbasari) but not drying. In fact it kind of moisturises the lips and the staying power is good. It is easily found in any drugstore too unlike Purbasari that is almost nowhere to find.

That is all! Thanks for reading! :D

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