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REVIEW Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Hello again!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing one of the most popular products that many of you must have heard of: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly!

@carnbits (search them on instagram) sent this to me to try and review and I'm so glad I tried this product. Why? Because you can use them for many purposes!

1. To moisturise dry skin. I have proven it myself. Every after washing my hands with soap, I feel that my hands are dry. I applied Vaseline on and voila! Hola, moisture!

2. Fix unruly eyebrows

My sister tried this out because her eyebrows are not very neat and it does help her eyebrows look neater. I supposed it is because Vaseline moisturise the hair and the area it covers so they are more neatly placed. One downside about it is that the texture of the product is thick, it can be a bit uncomfortable.

3. Moisturise and exfoliate lips

I did not use it as lipbalm because it is thick, but I did try to exfoliate my lips with it. So I apply it on my lips and lightly brush it with baby toothbrush. It does exfoliate my lips without scrubbing them off roughly.

The texture is thick, as you can see on the picture. Fortunately it does not contain any fragrance because fragrance does nothing good to your skin, really. On the ingredients list it only says: Petrolatum. So I'm sure they do not add any other substance to this Petroleum Jelly.

I have only tried Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for the purposes above but if you read this article : you'll be amazed by how many purposes this product can serve.

Oh and one more thing. The one that I got is the arabian one. Many people have been asking me what the difference between the arabian made and american made is and to be honest with you I don't think there is any difference because on the ingredients list they both say: Petrolatum. So I'm sure they both are the same.

That is all guys! See you on the next post!

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