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REVIEW Mineral Botanica Loose Powder Foundation, Soft Matte Lip Cream, and Matte Lipstick

Hello again!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing some products from a local brand: Mineral Botanica!

I got the loose powder foundation in shade Beige. I initially planned to get the Natural shade but the store I went to did not have it. By the way I bought it at AEON for Rp 66.000,00.

An extra point for the cute flower picture inside the box <3

The texture is nice, the color is decent. Nothing wow, though. It can be too drying for people with dry skin so if you have dry skin, make sure you apply enough moisturiser beforehand. But I kind of like this foundation because it looks pretty decent for such cheap price.

I used this loose powder foundation in this picture and I applied moisturiser beforehand so it did not look dry:

I also used this loose powder foundation in this post, if you're wondering how the finish is like on my face:!Makeup-for-Beginners/cmbz/563443a40cf201d72f25e054

Left to right: Matte Lipstick in Dark Choco - Champagne Beige - Sweet Honey

The next product is the Soft Matte Lip Cream. I had two shades: Champagne Beige and Sweet Honey.

I bought it at Jogja City Mall and one vintage store near Malioboro (forgot the name) for Rp 52.000,00. The texture is not creamy, it's more liquid like and it's not highly pigmented so you'll have to swatch more than three times for the colour to show up and look neat.

The Champaigne Beige does not look beige at all, which is disappointing. It is very pink and it's a cool-toned pink so it really does not suit my yellow skin. The pictures below are pictures of my sister's lips if you're wondering why they look different hehe

Top left: Bare lips

Top right: Matte Lipstick in Dark Choco

Bottom left: Sweet Honey

Bottom right: Champagne Beige

The Sweet Honey is a bit better, it is a nude beige, which suits people with fair skin, but not darker skin.

There is a strange thing with this product, though, everytime I removed the Sweet Honey from my lips, my lips turned pink. Not like soft, natural lips color but fuschia pink, which is weird. I thought it's just my lips but then when I applied it to my sister's lips, the same thing happened.

So, their soft matte lip cream is a NO for me. Not gonna repurchase them ever again. Unless they make darker colors.

The next Mineral Botanica product I'm gonna talk about is the Matte Lipstick! I have the Dark Choco shade, it's number 007. I bought it at Jogja City Mall but I forgot the price. I believe it is less than Rp 50.000,00.

I loveeeee this, this product glides on smoothy on lips. This is a great lipstick for daily because it gives a nice soft look, not too bold but not pale. It suits medium skin really well and I think I'll repurchase it once I finished it. The finish is not purbasari-like matte, but a moisturised matte which I like.

To conclude the review:

- I like the Mineral Botanica Loose Powder Foundation and Matte Lipstick

- I don't like the Soft Matte Lip Cream

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