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The 200k (Rupiah) Makeup Challenge!


The title says it all, it's the 200k makeup challenge day!

I have to be honest that it took me hours to choose cheap products to be included in this challenge. It was that hard.

I browsed through each aisle on AEON mart beauty section and find these gems:

1. Purbasari Foundation

Price: Rp 9.500,00

Where to buy: AEON mart

The packaging is not really good (it feels very vulnerable and even the cap won't fit perfectly sometimes) but because the price is very cheap I can't complain much about it.

The texture is almost watery, not creamy at all, blending it onto skin is easy, which is a plus. But if you have much to conceal, this product won't do the job very well. For people with non-problematic skin, this product can be used as light concealer that won't make you look cakey.

2. Mineral Botanica Original Loose Foundation

Price: Rp 60.000,00

Where to buy: Teraskota Olla Beauty Store

I reviewed this product twice in this blog actually. The first one is HERE and the second one is HERE.

Texture-wise, I can say it's 7 out of 10. The powder is smooth, very easy to blend, but it can be a bit too drying for those with dry skin. Make sure you moisturise your skin beforehand.

3. Purbasari Blush On

Price: Rp 32.000,00

Where to buy: AEON mart

I am very impressed with this blush on. It stays put for more than 6 hours! And it's only less than Rp 50.000,00! Thanks to this challenge, I found a new favourite blush-on!

As you can see it comes in two colours, with an awkwardly placed brush. I don't understand why they made the design like that. The brush doesn't fit well inside the packaging. Nevertheless, the colours are very well-pigmented. If you think that the lighter shade (the one on the right) is sheer and does nothing to your cheeks, you're very wrong.

I thought the colour won't show up because it's very light but once you tried it you'll find that it adds a very nice pigmented natural light pink colour to your cheeks. While the shade on the left is much stronger, you only need one swipe to make it show and add stronger (but not overwhelming) red colour on your cheeks,

4. Elianto Eyeliner

Price: Rp 30.000,00

Where to buy: AEON mart

I'm also impressed by this cheap eyeliner. It doesn't smudge, the colour is very pigmented, and it glides on smoothly so it does not hurt.

5. Pixy Waterproof Mascara

Price: Rp 47.000,00

Where to buy: Guardians

I love this mascara. It's very lightweight, it doesn't make your lashes clump together and it is actually waterproof. Make sure you wipe it off with oil cleanser before going to bed at night.

6. Just Miss Lipstick

Price: Rp 15.000,00

Where to buy: Stroberi AEON

I have reviewed this product HERE.

TOTAL: Rp 193.500,00

That was close! But I can guarantee that you'll look fine even with cheap makeup IF AND ONLY IF you have nice skin! So take a good care of your skin not only from the outside but from the inside too (what you consume has a great effect to your skin)!

I'll update this post with picture of myself with the makeup and also in a few days (hopefully) come up with 200k skincare!!

----- As I have promised, picture of me with the 200k makeup on: (I ran out of contact lenses and when I went to the optic to buy the transparent ones they don't have the -3.75 ones at the moment so I had no choice but to use the coloured ones until they have the -3.75 in stock :( )


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