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Favourite Nude Lipsticks for All Skintones

Hello again!

I am soooo excited to share my fave nude lipsticks because finding nude lipsticks that suit your skintone can be very tricky. My skintone has warm undertone so anything too pale pink is a no for me.

And after a long long journey to find the perfect nude lipsticks I finally concluded that these lipsticks I'm gonna show you are the perfect nude lipsticks that magically suit wide range of skintones

From left to right: Mineral Botanica (Seduce Me) - Purbasari (Diamond 81) - MUA Luxe (Tranquility) - Make Over (Silhouette 016) - Revlon (Mauve It Over)

This is how they look like when we open the cap:

Swatches on hand:

From left to right: Mineral Botanica (Seduce Me) - Purbasari (Diamond 81) - MUA Luxe (Tranquility) - Make Over (Silhouette 016) - Revlon (Mauve It Over)

How they look like applied on my lips:

Mineral Botanica - Seduce Me 006

This Mineral Botanica Matte Lipstick is not that matte. It sill has some shiny finish but not too shiny. I super love how it looks like because it is a nude with a subtle hint of pink. It looks natural, it does not dry your lips, and I believe it suits a wide range of skintone.

This lipstick has a light scent that diminishes in seconds. Oh and it's cheap too, I bet it's less than Rp 70.000,00.

Purbasari 81

Purbasari 81 is my all time favourite nude lipstick, unlike Mineral Botanica Seduce Me, the Purbasari one is not with hint of pink but with a hint of orange. So people with warm undertone should really try this on. It's PERFECT. It's really matte, it can be too drying if you don't moisturise your lips beforehand but still comfortable to use.

It's super cheap, only less than Rp 40.000,00.

MUA Luxe Tranquility

When I first saw this lip cream I doubt that it will suit my skintone but magically it does (well I think it does). Until an instagram onlineshop (that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) sent me this. Why I recommend this onlineshop? Because they ship the items super fast!

Go check them out, their price is very competitive too and all items are ORIGINAL. The name of the online shop is @beautyof.lady

They also sell other beauty products that is in trend right now like Jordana Matte Lipstick, Monstat Primer, Nabi Lip Cream, and even brush egg! By the way the MUA Luxe lipstick is around Rp 135.000,00 if I'm not mistaken.

Make Over - Silhouette

I made a review about this lipstick here

Revlon - Mauve It Over

Revlon Mauve It Over is said to be the dupe of MAC Velvet Teddy. I sort of agree to that but I tried both of them and I can say that the Revlon one suits a wider range of skintone. And it's two times cheaper than the MAC one so yes revlon! Love the texture, it's smoooooth and it's matte but not drying. It's pretty cheap too because it's less than Rp 90.000,00.

Do you have any favourite nude lipstick? You can share it with me so I can try it on too! Feel free to comment, I'll surely reply it<3


You can buy the Make Over Silhouette and Revlon Mauve It Over from sociolla because not only that you can get a Rp 50.000,00 discount by using my code (SBNLA9QB), but you can also get this super lovely box AND another discount.

I bought 4 lipsticks (Revlon Mauve It Over, Wardah Longlasting Lipstick number 2 and 8, Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte shade Baby Bombshell) and only paid Rp 196.000,00 because I used the code.

It's supposed to be Rp 246.000,00 but because I used my code (SBNLA9QB), I only had to pay Rp 196.000,00! YEEAY and look at this lovely package, FREE SHIPPING too!

(Quote of the year right here, guys:)

Oh and just a quick reminder that the SBNLA9QB code will end at the end of March so you better make a purchase now. Rugi banget kalo ga dipake! Hehe <3

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