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Makeup Brushes + Brush Cleaner (BrushEgg)!


I apologise for not posting anything this whole week. This and that made me really occupied but still excited for many things.

Today, as I have promised weeks ago in my account, I am going to talk about my makeup brushes!

I am not a pro when it comes to makeup. So the actual reason why I'm sharing today's post is to get some advices or enlightenment about what kind of makeup brushes beginners like me should have? And what brand has the best brushes?

You can help me by sharing your personal favourite makeup brush brand at the comment section or contact me to my email!

The pink one is Real Technique's powder brush and the black one is Masami Shouko Stippling Brush. The mint green thingy is the BrushEgg, the might brush cleaner.

Those two brushes are the ones I use most often.

I use the stippling brush for liquid foundation, and the powder brush for powder.

I purchased them because they are not expensive. However, despite being affordable, they are really good (or is it just because I haven't tried to expensive ones? :p)

Beside those two I also have other brushes that I love:

(Top to bottom) The Body Shop eyeshadow brush and The Body Shop Face and Body Brush

The Body Shop brushes are also good. I like to use the big brush at the end of my makeup step to blend everything out evenly making the makeup looks more natural. The eyeshadow brush is good, although not as good as the Real Technique one.

Real Technique Starter Kit

Left to right: Foundation brush, eye shadow brush, powder brush (the one I posted at the top)

This is the first brush kit that I bought. I bought it in Brisbane but I forgot how much.

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set

This set is super handy and it's very suitable for everyone, even the beginners!

All brushes I posted here are my favourites because the bristles are soft, they pick up the product well and it makes makeup application so easy. I am really sorry I cannot remember how much I paid for them but you can check for the price at Sociolla. Sociolla sells the Real Technique Starter Kit, Masami Shouko, and Ecotools Set that I explained in this post.

A friendly reminder, the SBNLA9QB code is still effective so if you're planning to buy these brushes you can purchase them at Sociolla and get Rp 50.000,00 discount for every Rp 250.000,00 purchase or more.


Now, an important thing to always remember when owning makeup brushes is to CLEAN THEM.

I know, it can be very bothersome but with the help of this cute little thing, cleaning brushes will feel much easier!

I always use this whenever I want to clean my brushes. It's 10 times quicker and 20 times cleaner! Hehe

Here, I'll show you. These are my two fave brushes. Look at how dirty they are

I use the cute mint thingy to clean them.

So firstly you have to wet your brush, add some liquid soap on it and brush it lightly on the BrushEgg. The makeup residue will fall off in seconds! And then you rinse it with running water.

I used Dr.Bronner Castille Soap to wash my brushes. I notice that many people like to use baby shampoo to wash their brushes but I don't like how some baby shampoos are strongly fragranced so I choose this castille soap.

This is how clean my brushes looked like after using BrushEgg! Stupid me, I didn't take picture of the EcoTools brush after it is cleaned.

They look brand new. In this photo they were still quite wet, but it dried out fairly quickly and they feel like new brushes! Happy <3

I got my BrushEgg from an instagram onlineshop named @beautyof.lady. Make sure to check them out because they sell everything (makeups)! I literally mean it you can contact they owner and she'll gladly help you get the product you need if it's not available in Indonesia.

They sent the items very quickly as well so you don't have to worry about having to wait too long for your BrushEgg.

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