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REVIEW Skin Aqua SPF 30 UV Moisture Gel


Some of you might have noticed that I made a review about sunscreens not so long ago. However, you might have also noticed that I mentioned about making a separate review for Skin Aqua. Why? Because I super love this sunscreen!

I have always mentioned how much I was dependant on Skin Aqua SPF 50 UV Milk especially when I was still in Brisbane. But since I got back to Indonesia, I do not spend much time outdoor because I use private transportation (the pollution and heat are just unbearable). Therefore (I think) I do not need to use an SPF 50 sunscreen anymore, which is why I switched to the SPF 30 UV Gel.

Texture: It feels like a mixture of gel and cream, because it's too light for cream but moisturising for gel. Very easy to absorb. Does not leave white cast, does not make your face look oily too.

Fragrance: Non-fragranced! <3 <3 <3

Price: Very reasonable. I believe I bought this for less than Rp 70.000,00. And it lasts sooo long.

Packaging: Sturdy packaging with screw cap. Nothing special but nothing bad as well.

They write the expiration date. I have so much respect for brands that do it <3

Effectiveness: I can say that my skin is not getting more tanned while using this. It is moisturising, I even skip moisturiser so it saves time too. Hehe. It also serves as a decent makeup base.

So my daytime skincare goes like this: Facial Wash - Toner - Skin Aqua UV Gel. How simple. You can buy this at virtually everywhere. Giant, Hypermart, Carrefour, Watsons, Guardian, Century, you name it. If you can't find it try asking the salesperson because I noticed that sometimes they don't stand out among other products so it's easy for us to not realising its whereabout.

Tell me your experience of using this product if you'd like to! Thanks for reading :)

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