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REVIEW The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner & Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks

For February freebies, I was given a Rp 150.000,00 discount voucher from Sociolla. I decided to purchase Canmake Blush for its price is Rp 158.000 so it felt as if I get it almost for free ;)

The reason why I put the Canmake Blush and The Body Shop eyeliner in the same post is because I ordered them at the same time. I was curious to try the eyeliner because my friend uses that a lot and keeps repurchasing it. So I bought it.

Look at how pretty the Sociolla box is <3<3<3

And they always give a 15% discount voucher for the next purchase, which is exactly why I keep purchasing stuffs from Sociolla.

Okay so moving on to the first item: The Body Shop Liquid Eyeliner.

Besides the beautiful box packaging, they also bubblewrap every item so you can worry less about products spillout or the product being broken when you received it.

The eyeliner's price is Rp 169.000,00. However if you spend another Rp 31.000,00 you can use my voucher SBNLA9QB at checkout so you will get a Rp 50.000,00 discount. You'd be paying Rp 150.000,00 for two items. What a deal, right?

The packaging is sturdy, very very travel friendly because it is small. And the applicator is heavenly. It makes application feels super easy. Especially for people who are not very skilled at using eyeliner like myself.

One swatch is enough because the pigmentation is really nice. It also dries up pretty fast (not too fast, it can be bothersome too if you make mistakes). This one dries up in just enough time to fix mistakes but still in time to be quick when you need to.

I don't know if there is any eyeliner that is fragranced but this one is fragrance-free.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this eyeliner. No wonder my friend loves this a lot. I think you will love this too especially if you're an eyeliner junkie :D


Moving on to the next item: Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks in

To be honest I bought this because I was attracted by how pretty the product looks. I didn't read reviews about this and just ordering this because gosh it's sooo cute.

The Fleur Cheeks line has two types of blush: The Mat one and The Glow one. The Mat does not come with shimmer but the Glow one does.

I ordered the Mat one because generally, I prefer to use the non-shimmery one because it looks more natural and not too extravagant. But if you like a bit of shimmery glow you can go for the Glow one.

They have some colour options from pink to coral and I chose the coral one, which is the number 03, because I wanted to try something new. Fortunately this product did not let me down.

Oh and they write down the expiration date as well. Well done, Canmake :D

It comes with a soft brush that I thought would not be much of a help. But I was wrong, peeps. I was wrong. The brush does a wonderful job in applying the product in just the right amount.

The colour comes out nicely after a few strokes and I can say this blush has successfully become my newest favourite <3 I really recommend this product because for that price, this blush does a wonderful job.

If you buy these two at Sociolla without discount, you will have to pay for Rp 327.000,00. HOWEVER, I don't want you guys to miss out on the opportunity to get it for cheaper price, so again I'm telling you, you can get both these products for only Rp 277.000,00 if you use my code: SBNLA9QB.

Go get them before they are sold out! Stuffs at Sociolla are selling quickly because of the high demand so you better get yours fast! :D

Until next post! Thank you for reading!

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