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REVIEW Missha x Line Lip Matte Rouge (Bloody Wine & Salsa Red)

It's a lie if I tell you I bought these lipsticks not because of the cute packaging.

Missha, in collaboration with Line (the chatting app), created an uber cute skincare and makeup line. Missha x Line.

They offer many types of cosmetics, like lip tints, bb cushions, mascara, and what not. And they are all super cute!

I pre-ordered these lippies from an instagram onlineshop. You can easily search for one by searching the tag #jualmisshaline. I forgot how much each of this is, I am pretty sure it's around Rp 240.000,00 each.

I bought the dark burgundy red (Bloody Wine) and the true red that is supposedly brownish (Salsa Red).

Althought it says 'matte', I can certainly say it is not. It is far from the 'matte' we all know. It obviously has a bit of gloss in it. So despite its very nice and smooth application, I am a bit disappointed because they are not matte.

They do turn a bit more 'matte' after several minutes but still not quite matte. I can say that it's more velvet matte than matte.

They are fragrance-free. And the staying power is almost like lip stain. Really stays for a long time even after eating and drinking.

The left one is Bloody Wine. And the right one is Salsa Red. I like the Bloody Wine more. It brightens the overall complexion of my face while Salsa Red is just that. Nothing really special.

Bloody Wine is a dark purplish red, whereas Salsa Red is more orange-y. From this picture it is even more obvious that this lipstick is nowhere near matte. But I have to say that I still like this lipstick.

It gives you moisture and it serves as a lipstick/liptint/tintbalm. You can dab some at the center of your lips to make gradient lips. Or you can dab this on a true matte lipstick to give it a slight bit of gloss. Not too much of gloss.

Still worth the price. If you're looking for a matte lipstick, this one will let you down. But if you're looking for a nice lipstick, try this and I'm sure you will like it as much as I do :D

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