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REVIEW Furatasse Scalp Cleanser & Scalp Essence Tonic


Have you heard about Furatasse? If you haven't, and you're struggling with greasy hair even after shampooing religiously, then you have to read this post!

I was lucky I got these products for free BUT what I will be sharing here is a SUPER DUPER HONEST review. I will never deceive you guys or lurk you into buying stuffs that don't work.

First item is the Scalp Cleanser.

It is basically a clarifying shampoo. Why is it clarifying?

As you can see in its ingredients list below, there is a high percentage of SLES, which acts as the silicone buildup remover. That is the reason why I told you that if you're struggling with greasy hair you should really give this product a try!

Now what is that silicone buildup I am talking about?

Your usual shampoo, if it contains dimethicone, amodimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, or any other type of non-water-soluble silicone, after several uses it will make your hair feels weighed down. Lepek. Oily.

Because the silicones that are not water soluble (cannot be rinsed out by water) are piling up on your scalp, making your hair feels lifeless. How to solve that?

You rinse out the silicone buildup. With shampoos that contain substances used to rinse out silicone, sodium laureth sulfate is one of them.

Now, back to my experience.

I used this shampoo as instructed. I massaged it all over my scalp and hair shaft, leave it for 1 minute, and rinse it.

IT FEELS AMAZING. I have always fallen in love with shampoos with cooling/minty sensation but this shampoo is not just that. It is not only cooling, relaxing, but also feels super soft when I rinse it. My hair feels super silky smooth.

And after shampooing, I can see (and feel) that my scalp is no longer oily. My hair is no longer weighed down. This shampoo successfully rinsed out all the silicone buildup on my hair and scalp.

I am really giving this product a 10/10 because it is soooo good. It smells amazing too.

It might seem expensive (Rp 400.000,00) but don't forget that it's 500 ml. The bottle is really big it might last months and months! So I guess it's not expensive considering its gigantic size. Do give this product a try! You won't regret it :D

The second item is the Scalp Essence Tonic.

This is the most interesting toner ever because the way to use it is similar to how you would use a hairspray. You spray this all over you hair, massage it into scalp. Again, it has a veryyy nice cooling sensation. It smells nice as well.

After using it for 1 week, I can see that my hairfall has significantly reduced. So if you're struggling with thinning hair or hair fall, you should really consider buying this.

You can buy this at Sociolla for Rp 300.000,00.

And don't forget that my code is still working. If you use my code, SBNLA9QB, you can get a Rp 50.000,00 discount on purchases worth Rp 250.000,00 or more.

So if you want to buy the scalp cleanser you can get it for Rp 350.000,00 using my code.

Or if you want to buy the scalp essence tonic you can get it for Rp 250.000,00 using SBNLA9QB code.

Make sure to use the code! :D

That is all for today's post. Thank you for reading guys!

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