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REVIEW Rollover Reaction Sueded! Lip and Cheek Cream


Have you heard about Rollover Reaction?

I have been wanting to buy their Sueded! Lip Cream but hesitating because the colours look too nude to me. My skin is not that fair that some nudes that are too light will definitely wash out my face.

However, one day there was this announcement in Sociolla's instagram that Rollover Reaction will be available in Sociolla. I got super excited and I decided to pick two most hypothetically suitable for my skin tone which are: Saddie and Prudence!

(They came with some other stuffs that I also got for 0 rupiahs. Separate reviews later)

Saddie is really similar to Stila Patina, it's the calm, warm, type of pink that is super pretty on every skin tone. I used the product as a cheek cream too but I guess it's not very apparent on pics.

Prudence is brown-ish orange. I thought it was brown-ish red but no, I have to say that it is orange that is brown-ish. I love the colour, though, it looks so much like Nabi Matte Mocha. Or LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Fleur.

Texture: 9/10. Creamy, moisturising, glides on easily on lips.

Scent: Milky sweet vanilla scent that I approve.

Colour: Very well pigmented.

Because it's liquid lipstick, I thought this lip cream is matte. I did not realise that it says Sueded, not Matte.

Because it's suede, it is obviously not kissproof or transfer-proof. However, I have to say that I REALLY LOVE the finish. Because it's not matte, it does not feel tight on my lips. It's creamy but not uncomfortable. It's the type of creamy that lasts long.

The applicator is a regular kind of doe-foot applicator. Applying feels really convenient, though.

As stated on its title, you can use this product as a cheek cream! However, you have to be quick in applying because the product dries up pretty fast. The colour last long, though, so you really have to try using this as a cheek cream.

Overall, I give this product a 9 out of 10. Because the colours are pretty (at least the ones that I tried), the texture is perfect, it's well pigmented, pretty longlasting for a suede lip cream, it does not feel dry on my lips, and it's from local brand <3 So proud.


You can buy this at their official website, OR you can get this at Sociolla.

Don't forget that my code is still effective. SBNLA9QB, for every purchase worth 250.000 rupiahs or more.

See you on the next post and thanks for reading! Oh and if you wanna share your experience with this Rollover Reaction Sueded lip cream product, feel free to write on the comments section below!




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