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REVIEW Althea Korea Goodies (Innisfree, Tony Moly, The Saem, aromatica)

Okay so I bought three items:

1. Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence

2. Innisfree Green Tea and Mint Shampoo

3. The Saem Saemmul Tint 'Pink'

And I got these for free:

4. Tony Moly Tint 'Orange'

5. A sample of Aromatica Serum

I paid my purchase through Alfamart. So I registered at Doku to get the purchasing code and to pay it I went to Alfamart and say I want to make payment by Doku. They asked me the code and I gave them the money. DONE. As easy as that.

I waited for a week and this pink box arrived!

I am not gonna go into too much detail in reviewing the products I'll just review them super shortly this post.

1. Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence

I have tried SK II Facial Treatment Essence and Missha Time Revolution and I have to say this Innisfree Essence beats them all. It's cheaper, it's fragrance-free, the ingredients are beautiful. You have all the main ingredients at the top of the ingredients list which is a +++ for me.

2. Innisfree Green Tea and Mint Shampoo

This is a clarifying shampoo that feels amazing to use. Well maybe that's just me but I really love the cooling sensation from the mint inside the shampoo. It feels really nice and my hair feels really smooth even after the first use. It's silicone-free so you with 'lepek hair' problem really should give it a try.

3. The Saem Saemmul Tint 'Pink' & Tony Moly Orange

What's amazing about Althea is that they often have free gift. I was scrolling through its website the first time and there was nothing about free stuff.

The next time I went to its website there was a free stuff available to add to your cart no minimum purchase! WOW.

I hurriedly added things I wanted to buy to the cart and add the free stuff, which was the Tony Moly lip tint! I was going to buy an orange lip tint from The Saem but because of this free liptint I cancelled my plan. I got it for FREE <3<3

The pink one is The Saem, the orange one is Tony Moly

They both smell okay, fruity smell. The smell does not linger long, it actually fades away pretty fast. Texture wise, the Tony Moly one is more watery.

The TheSaem one has a more gel-like consistency. I tried swatching those on my hand, leave it for 10 seconds and wiped it with a tissue and as you can see above, the Tony Moly one left a very strong mark, whereas the TheSaem one did not stay intact.

Which proves that the Tony Moly one dries out faster than the TheSaem one and the stain stayed intact.

Overall I give the TheSaem one 8/10 and the Tony Moly one a 9/10. Oh and they are very cheap at Althea. Each is less than Rp 50.000,00! And do not worry all items on Althea are AUTHENTIC.

4. aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum

The texture is gel-like, smells a lot like rose, it absorbs quickly, makes your skin feels supple. But because I only got a sample size, I can't really say if it improves my skin significantly :D

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment :D

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