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What's in My Daily Makeup Bag?


Today I'm gonna be showing you what's inside my daily makeup bag, or pouch.

The post is gonna be very straightforward, as in I'm not gonna be too detailed in describing each product inside my pouch. So if you have any question regarding any product's details you can comment or ask me here

You can clearly see what items there are. I'll just go one by one from the earliest step I do everyday.

(optional) If I think my hands are not very clean, I use this hand sanitizer. I reaaalllly love the smell, it's minty. And it's very nice to use. I bought this from ASOS. I believe you can get it through their website but I forgot how much this one is.

It's from Happy Jackson.

The next one is my beloved face mist. I use this all the time. Before mask, after mask, before moisturiser, after makeup. So light, refreshing, does not ruin my makeup and it's not fragranced so all skin types are welcomed to try.

Sociolla sells this in their website and you can use this code SBNLA9QB to get a 50.000 rupiah discount!

You can read the ingredients here:

The next one is moisturiser! This one is from Kiehl's and it's also non fragranced so I really love it. It can be too oily for people with oily skin but as long as you apply it lightly you'll look fine.

It's simply moisturising and it's safe to use for all skin types so yes I recommend this one to all of you.

Moving on to the base makeup. I usually use concealer for areas under my eyes. I use this one.

And I blend it with this Retractable Kabuki Brush from Ecotools. You can also buy this one at Sociolla. They have this 60% discount for brush so make sure you buy some before the promo is over.

My fave lipbalm, sweet, light, moisturising, not sticky. Literally all you can ask for in a lip balm. I have many lip balms from Lip Smacker but this one is my fave.

The next one is setting powder. I don't really use powder daily but when I do, I trust it to Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Powder. By the way, the one on the left is a mirror, from Innisfree.

The finish is very smooth and it looks as if you don't wear anything. So not cakey at all.

On days when I feel super oily, I use this powder from Etude House. I got this product for free from an instagram onlineshop @pickyourneeds (thank you <3) and I am now dependent to this product. Its oil control is greeaaat! And it's very cheap too! Less than Rp 80.000!

The next product I regard as my holy grail is this cheek cream blush from Emina. I got this from EminaxAlice event and I superrr love this. I swear this is the most longlasting liquid blush I have ever tried. And it's ridiculously CHEAP!

You should really try this one. If you're too lazy to go to a mall, you can buy it from Sociolla. I got the pink shade and I love it so much but I will purchase the peach one.

It's really really pigmented and longlasting!

Tony Moly lip tint in shade 'Dark Night'

And sometimes when I need to look presentable (as in not looking like a sleep-deprived young adult), I use this mascara from Maybelline. I like it because it has two wands: one for upper lashes and one for the lower lashes.

I'll post the picture of me using all these product on the next post.

Now to the additional stuffs.

This one is from This Works. It's an aromatherapy oil in variant: deep sleep stress less. It's a lavender scent and it's really good in curing nausea.

This one is a deodorant from Vichy. I think using deodorant is a must, because it shows that you respect others' right to get fresh air hehe

This one is free from alcohol and paraben and the smell is really nice. I got this when I went to Germany last August but I forgot the price.

And this one is a peppermint body balm from Dr. Bronner's Magic. It is really useful in moisturising dry skin. The plus side from this product is that it contains natural peppermint so it has a refreshing cooling sensation which I love so much.

This is the ingredients list:

That is all guys I hope you enjoy it.

Until next post! Thank you for reading!


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