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REVIEW Tony Moly Hand Cream Pokemon Edition

Another impulsive purchase due to my inability to avoid buying stuffs that look cute!!

The Jammanbo one has a Lavender smell. A very nice, not overwhelming, one. And the Togepi version has a Lemon scent.

As a fresh, citrusy scent lover, I very much prefer Togepi to Jammanbo. However, due to its amazingly light texture I cannot help but to love them two! <3<3

It's sad the ingredients list are not listed in English :(

When you first open it, it is safely sealed.

As you can see it looks very gel-like. It absorbs very easily but very moisturising. Gees I frickin love this hand cream I swear I'm not biased because it's cute.

No stickiness at all and the scent lasts pretty long so that's another plus.

ANOTHER plus is that it's cheap. I bought this for Rp 70.000 each. And I bet it lasts more than 2 months so 10/10 for this cute hand cream!

Thanks for reading guys!

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