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REVIEW: L'Oreal Micellar Water - PINK and BLUE!


Two words: super excited. SUUUPER EXCITED to share my experience in using these two products. I bet you can guess why.

Yes. They are that good.

How to use it? Very simple. Pour some on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face. Done.

I don't know where to start :'D I just super love these products. Now, an easier question would be: which one do I like more?

I'm going to compare these two from three aspects:

Fragrance, Stings/no, and Effectiveness (how many cotton pads I need to use to remove makeup from my face

1. PINK (Moisturising) - for sensitive skin

Despite the inclusion of rose in it, this variant does not contain any fragrance. Yeaaay!

Fragrance: X

When I look at the ingredients list and found damask rose extract in it, I kinda expected that it's gonna sting a bit for sensitive skin. It didn't really sting on my skin, but, despite its title that it's formulated for sensitive skin, it might sting a bit due to the presence of damask rose extract. I said it MIGHT so hopefully it doesn't sting on yours hehe

Stings/no: - (a bit)

Its effectiveness, though... SOOO GOOOOD. On average I only need two cotton pads for my whole face. It removes my makeup sooo easily. It feels amazing too, 100% guilt-free cause it feels like wiping your face with just water.

Effectiveness: V yaaas, super yaas

9/10 will recommend.

2. BLUE (Refreshing) - for sensitive, oily, or combination skin

Now, the regular one. This one does not include plant extracts, so it's a more straightforward version. Like the rose one, this one is also fragrance-free. YEAAAY. I hope more brands do this to their products, you know, not including fragrance. AMEN to that.

Fragrance: X

Since this one does not contain any suspicious ingredient, I predicted that it would feel like putting on water to my face, and I was right! It feels soo light, does not sting at all,

Stings/no: X

AND it removes makeup so easily. Speaking of effectiveness, I find this product as effective as Bioderma Sensibio H2O so I highly recommend this to each one of you who is hesitant to spend more than 300k rupiah for a micellar water.

Effectiveness: V YAAS, again. Yaaas

10/10 will recommend.

ANOTHER use of this product is: I like to use it as a toner to replace my usual one. Why? Because it's so gentle and it can remove facial cleanser residues on my skin and prep my skin to absorb moisturiser. You should try it too! The blue one works wonderfully on my oily-combination skin. And I like to use the PINK one to remove makeup because it moisturises the skin so it won't strip off skin's natural oil.

Sooo, are you interested to try these on?

You can buy this at Sociolla or simply click this link

and of course, you'll get a 50.000 discount with my voucher: SBNLA9QB.

If I were you I will buy these two straightly because I can guarantee that you'll love these. I do, a lot. I am sure you will all do too xD

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