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REVIEW Nivea Makeup Series

From left to right: Nivea White Makeup Clear Facial Foam - Nivea White Makeup Starter Serum - Nivea Lip Butter - Nivea Makeup Clear Micellar Water

I have uploaded a Youtube video on these products but it's gonna be up tomorrow at 4pm (Jakarta time).

The Makeup Clear Micellar Water is undoubtedly good because it's alcohol free and fragrance free! <3 <3 <3

I have also tried the Makeup Clear foam and reviewed it on this blog. But still, big thanks to Sociolla for sending me these lovelies to try on.

I loooooove the lip butter so much. Especially because I got the original one, which is non-perfumed. Gosh it's really moisturising but not waxy.

AND the makeup starter serum. Where do I start ya. The point is I highly recommend this product especially if you're not a fan of primers (like me). Primers tend to be heavy and hard to blend, but this one, well this is not a technically a primer but it preps my skin wonderfully. Making it easier for makeup products to sits well on my skin.

Also, it's moisturising without making my face oily. PLEASE try this one, you're gonna love it. The downside is because it's fragranced, but I can let that pass since it helps a lot with my makeup application <3

This is my video for NIVEA Makeup Series:

Make sure to watch it! :D

Thanks for reading guys!

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