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REVIEW NYX The Power of Nude (Foundation, Wonderstick Contouring, Strobe of Genius, Lip Lingerie)

Hi! If you're a #TeamNude like me, this is an important announcement for you:


Above is the link of the tutorial I made using Nivea and NYX. Please watch it if you have some free time hehe it's only less than 4 minutes long.

Sociolla is kind enough to send me these lovelies, thank you Sociolla. Even though I was given these stuffs for free I can vouch that I would always ALWAYS give honest reviews. Which is why I never wrote 'Honest Review', it's basically 'cause all my reviews are honest. Regardless of whether or nor the stuffs were given to me for free or I bought them myself.

Okay. Enough with the chit chat. First item is: Foundation! Their foundation's texture is runny, not creamy at all. I like them in a way that it's easier to mix them with other foundation. The shade that I received is darker than my skin tone so I like to mix it with my L'Oreal Infallible foundation which is lighter than my skin tone.

I got the shade 'Soft Tan'. You can see below that it's virtually 2 shades darker than my skin tone.

The packaging is really cute, love it. It's sturdy and small enough to carry around.

Another thing that I like is: it's non-fragranced! You know how much I respect brands that don't use unnecessary ingredients <3

The coverage is medium to heavy. It's buildable so my suggestion is to always start little by little so you won't look like a clown.

Overall, I like this product. I'm giving it a 8/10!

The next product is this contouring stick: NYX Wonderstick. To highlight and contour.

If you follow me long enough you'll know that I never contoured my face. At max I contoured my nose a bit that's just for rare occasions like attending weddings or blogger events.

However on the video I posted above, I did a little bit of shading and I have to say that this product wins me. It's so easy to use because it has a creamy texture so it's really easy to blend out.

The colour is also not too strong so you shall not be afraid to look like you're wearing a mask.

I got it in shade Deep, which I think suits me really well. I use the highlight part to conceal my under eyes area because it's not light enough to use as a highlighter.

This is the picture of the swatch on my hand. You'll see that the highlighter part is not light enough.

All in all, I am quite liking this product. For someone who is not a fan of contouring, I see that I can use this easily. SO I'm giving this product a 8/10 :D

The next product is the illuminator palette. Strobe of Genius. From the title you can see that it's for strobing, which is kind of the opposite of contouring.

I super love looking at it because it's so prettyyyyy and the colour set is complete. You'll have everything you need in one product which is a very good deal.

This is the swatch on my hand. You can see that they are very pigmented so little goes a long way.

I'm giving this product a 9/10 for its pigmentation, texture (powder), and fragrance-less-ness <3

The next product is lipsticks! My fave <3

Being sent two shades ('Dusk to Dawn' and 'Seduction') I'm sure I'm gonna create my go-to lip look which is the ombre lip look. And looking at the shades I know from the beginning that I would love it. And I do!

The texture is creamy, so easy to use. The 'Dusk to Dawn' is less pigmented than 'Seduction' but still...I reaaaaally love the shades <3 perfect peachy nude colour that I love.

The finish is matte, but it's almost velvety. It does not dry your lips terribly like other liquid lipsticks so I'm giving these a 10/10 which means YOU SHOULD BUY IT :D :D

You can buy these products at my most fave online store: Sociolla. You can use this code: SBNLA9QB if you want a Rp 50.000 discount on your purchase!

GO buy it now! And thank you for reading! <3

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