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Happy birthday to my most favourite online shop for makeup and skincare!

Sociolla is having its 2nd birthday in March! Let's congratulate them for being awesome in just 2 years time.

I was given this March Sociolla box to try on. I am sooo excited when I see this Hatomugi skin conditioner because I have been wanting to try it on since forever.

It's so big it's half a litre. You can use it in 2 ways:

1. pouring it on a cotton pad and wipe it on your face.

2. spray it on your face. But to do this one you need to place the product on a spray bottle.

I like to do them both. I usually wipe it on my face after cleansing my face with face wash. And in day time I like to spray some when I feel that my skin is dry (because at the office I stayed in an air-conditioned room for hours, which can make my skin dehydrated)

Being true to its name, this product really does condition my skin. It moisturizes without making my face oily. It's also fragrance free so people with sensitive skin is safe to try this on. One downside from this product is because it contains alcohol. Although I'm still unsure if it's a denatured alcohol or not. If it's not then it's fine.

So far I haven't seen any bad outcome on my skin (been using it for about 1 month now) so I can say that it's safe to use.

The next product is this cream cheek from Canmake!

Canmake is one of my most fave Japanese drugstore brand. This one is also my go-to cheek cream product.

If you like a natural daily look, you should try this one on. This shade that I got might be too light for medium to tan skin. I suggest you try their red one.

I'm giving this product a 9/10 because it's pigmented and it blends very well.

The next product I got is this peach lipstick from Sarange. I'm sorry I didn't have the picture of its swatch but this is a nude lip colour for fair skin. If you have medium to tan skin, it won't really show on your lips because it's sheer and it's peach.

However, I have to praise this lipstick for its texture. It glides on smoothly on lips and is very comfortable to use.

The colour is so pretty and wearable for any occasions <3

There is actually one more product which is the Bio Essence cream but I'm still trying it out. Sooo I'm gonna update about it here when I'm done researching :D hope you understand that skincare takes time to be reviewed. I'm not satisfied just doing a first impression on it because unlike makeup, the result is not instant. hehe

I also have to remind you that to celebrate its birthday, Sociolla is giving many MANY discounts! And they have the Birthday Packages (click it too see what they have) that you should try on soon because the discount is over!!

See you on the next post and make sure to check out their discount ya guys!

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