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REVIEW Mustika Ratu Duo Face Care Lemon


Another skincare product to try on and review, yipee!

It's the new product from Mustika Ratu, Mustika Ratu Duo Face Care!

It's called Duo because it is recommended that you use both of the products, consisting of Face Peeling Gel and the Peel Off Mask.

Why? Because they complete each other <3

The peeling gel slouches off dead skin cells whereas the peel off mask smooths the pores so your skin is ready to absorb the moisturizer/serum/whatnots.

They come in two variants: Lemon for oily skin and Green Tea for dry skin. I tried the green tea one in Sociolla's Headquarter (you can watch the video down below) and so I can compare those two. I can say that they don't differ much as they have similar sets of main ingredients. However, the Lemon one is slightly more drying so dry skin should avoid it :D

I'm just gonna jot down their PROS and CONS very concisely below:

Here's the ingredients list of the Peeling Gel


1. it FEELS like it does remove dead skin cells

2. looking at the ingredients list, you can see some legit substances like ethyl ascorbic acid, aloe vera juice powder, tocopherol, and glycerin to make it milder

3. Easy to use, the product is super easy to get, and CHEAP!


1. it does contain fragrance.

2. it contains lemon extract which is a potential irritant for sensitive skin.

More PROS than CONS!

Moving on to the next product, it's the Peel Off Mask!


1. it FEELS nice peeling off the mask! Haha no kidding you should try it yourself. It feels like you're taking away your old skin and get a brand new one ;D

2. contains some useful plants extracts

3. Again...CHEAP!

If you want an extra me-time pampering yourself at home, you really should buy this. It gives you the perfect feeling of being pampered (for me personally it's the nice, satisfying sensation peeling off the mask! haha)


1. Alcohol at the second on the list. Sensitive skin beware!

2. It takes more than 15 minutes to dry, which I think is okay but some of you might find it too long.

More PROS than CONS!

You decide. If you wanna buy this I'm sure you can find it everywhere, supermarkets, mini marts, drugstores, etc. But to make things even easier you can buy it ONLINE at Sociolla!

Don't forget you can use my code SBNLA9QB to get a Rp 50.000 discount for every purchase worth Rp250.000!

Thanks for reading! <3 <3

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