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REVIEW Natur Products and EVENT REPORT Natur 'Hair Beauty Dating' with Female Daily


In today's post I will be sharing about the last Natur Hair Beauty Dating! Thanks Female Daily for the invitation :D

If you're not familiar with the product, I'll start with the old image of it. So, Natur has always been known as a shampoo for old people that has weird, unpleasant smell.

I'm telling you guys right now that Natur has completely changed. It has nice fresh fragrance now. No more jamu smell. But the natural formula is still as good as it was before. BUT with a lot of moisture compared to the old one.

As mentioned on my instagram, I have tried their shampoo and hair tonic (and liking it so much). But I have not tried their hair serum yet.

This is the hair serum. I'll discuss the products in more details later on.

Cute femaledaily mirror on the table.

Oh and also, there is Beauphoria participating in the event. They have the cutest comb! What I am most interested in is their automatic rolling hair brush.

The event itself consisted of talkshow, hairstyling with Beauphoria demo, snack time, photo time, and boomerang selfie competition.

With Kak Sophie! <3 she's a very lovely and humble person.

Overall the event was fun! I have always liked events with not too many participants because it is more intimate and usually, there are more snacks :p

Okay! So now moving on to the products that I got:

1. Natur Natural Extract Shampoo - Ginseng Extract

This is PERFECT for me because I have problems with hair fall. Oh I almost forgot. Before the event started, we had hair and scalp check from Natur team (which I found VERY VERY HELPFUL).

They said that I have healthy hair (YEAAYY) and healthy scalp (YEAY AGAIINN), but the problem is hair fall.

As you can see on the ingredients list, Natur shampoo has all the plant extracts at the beginning of the list. I super love this fact. And although it contains silicone (dimethiconol), it's at almost the last of the list so it's okay for oily scalp and hair.

Natur uses olive oil as the conditioning agent, they use natural colouring, and also, as their cleansing agent they use kelapa sawit. As a result, you'll get healthy and smooth hair but without the oily feels.

I have been using Natur shampoo, conditioner, tonic, and serum, for about a week now and I AM IN LOVE. Natur is perfect for you who's not willing to spend too much on hair products, especially you who wash hair everyday.

The next product: conditioner!

Again, I got the ginseng & olive oil. AAA just how good does it sound? Ginseng and olive oil. I can already imagine a healthy and smooth hair by the sound of it.

Again, you can see plant extracts early on the list, which I love so much. It is used as most conditioners, which is after shampooing. BUT, if you found that to be too moisturising, you can apply the conditioner after you wet your hair before shampooing.

The next one is Hair Mask!

Similar to the conditioner but with a lot more moisture. It is good to be used once in a week. I will try it on as soon as possible but for now I am super happy with the conditioner.

The next one is the hair serum! So I use the shampoo, conditioner, and then apply the hair tonic (the ginseng one), and while my hair is still damp, I apply the hair serum at the ends of my hair. After that I hairdry my hair and voila! Fragrant, smooth, healthy hair!! <3

This hair serum is very rich so I suggest you to apply it gradually. Start with one pump, and add more if you feel like you need it because if you start applying too much you'll feel that your hair gets so oily. This serum is a MUST on my hair care now because it protects my hair strands from hair styling tools' heat.

Overall, I am super liking these products. I think this is the most economically benefiting range of products for customers because by only paying sooo little you get a very good quality of products!

You really should try it yourself! Thanks for reading <3 until next post!

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