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EVENT REPORT PAC Contouring Kit Launching at Mall Kelapa Gading 3


For you who've been following my instagram, this picture might seem familiar. Yes! It was that event of which I posted soo many instastories of xD

Why? Because it's really fun!

The event started with Batavia dancers performing, and then the MC invited the two guest speakers: Star Irawan and Rama Jee (these people are so adorable and their makeup is.. you can tell by seeing at their social media profile)

Here they are, Rama Jee and Star Irawan.

After they introduced themselves plus a little chit chat, the makeup battle begun. It was Contouring (#TeamStar) vs. Strobing (#TeamRamaJee).

While doing the models' makeup, Star and Rama Jee shared their tips when doing contouring or strobing. It is to always stick to what makeup is for: highlight your best feature, conceal the imperfections. It applies the same way for both contouring and strobing.

For people with slim face figure like mine, we don't need too much contouring on the cheeks, but rather focusing on the nose or jawline. Whereas for the strobing technique, the goal is to achieve a glowy look so you need to be in a place where light hits your face to make the strobing seen perfectly.

For slanted eyes, avoid using too much highlighter or shimmering powder under your brows, otherwise, your eyes would look even smaller.

And this is when the two models show off their post-makeup look.

I did not expect this beforehand but apparently there was a competition between #TeamContouring and #TeamStrobing, in which two groups of both teams compete against each other. So there will be one Contouring winner and one Strobing winner.

As seen above, Jennifer and Clara were doing the makeup. In hassle xD because we had limited time and everyone wanted to contribute but the place kind of did not let us too (read: too packed hehe).

And here is the final look of the model in my team: (unfortunately we did not win it but it was fun nevertheless! :D)

After the competition there was also a music performance from Rendy Pandugo.

And to close the whole event up the guest speakers and performer were given souvenirs. And then all the bloggers came up and take a full group picture.

That was it! Twas a very fun event. Going all the way to Kelapa Gading from BSD was worth every mile xD Thank you PAC and Sociolla for the invitation!

And this is what I got from the event: The Contouring Kit!

I love how professional-looking the product is and also how compact it is. We get 4 highlight and contouring cream + 4 powder blush and bronzer! AAAAAA love<3

If you wanna buy this product you can go to every Martha Tilaar store and just by spending not more than Rp 400.000, you can get this adorable palette. I have swatched all 8 and I can guarantee that you will love it. They are all pigmented and they last all day even without primer.

Go buy it guys!! :D

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