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REVIEW Blink Charm Fake Lashes

Hi! In this post I'm gonna be writing about fake lashes. Fake lashes??

:p yes! You heard it right! I know I've never been a fake lashes kind of person. But a person needs to grow up and learn how to use it. Because like it or not, the fact is fake lashes make a HUGE difference on your makeup.

It makes your makeup POPS OUT! It instantly makes your whole face light up.

But the classic problem of fake lashes is that some fake lashes feel horrible when worn. They made it hard to even blink!

Or so I thought. But this product works differently. You can't feel it so let me describe it for you. The feather is soo soft and their lining does not feel uncomfortable at all. Even for someone who resists to wear lashes like me.

Nah the most important part is there is a PROMO in Sociolla that if you buy 1 professional pack (12 pairs inside) you get 1 professional pack FOR FREE! The promo lasts from 17 - 30 April 2017 so make you sure you buy some immediately!

What I really like is that the glues comes with the lashes and it's CHEAP. Gosh I love great affordable products.

They have many different types, the ones that I got are these four types. I had a tough time picking which I should use first because they all seem natural. And I promise there will be a photo of me wearing it but since the promo is running and I'm afraid you'll run out of the product, I decided to post the products first.

The sexy volume and sensual curls type, I think, would be perfect for formal or night events, where as the sweet classic and natural flair would be perfect for day events.

Until next post! Thank you for reading :D

Goooo buy it while it's BUY 1 GET 1 FREE, guys!! <3 <3 Where to buy it? Here!

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