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Fun at Toyota Sienta Pop Up Playground, Kota Kasablanka


You're probably wondering if your internet connection is slow or are your eyes not fine or what but no, it's my picture that's blurred. hehe sorry

Back at it again with the hippest stylish car, Toyota Sienta!

I was invited to attend this event, and I'm glad I did come.

It was not an ordinary mall event, it's actually very interactive and fun!

The picture below is when three beautiful women competed in a hijab styling + eyeliner and lipstick inside the car competition. Sienta is spacious so I'm sure they did not find it hard to style their hijab and wear makeup inside Sienta.

You might have read my Sienta reviews, you can search this tag 'toyota', but to remind you once again Sienta is a modern city car, which you can use for a single person use without hassles. OR you can use it as a compact family car. For its price, I think Sienta is a very good deal because the design is really nice, colour selections are wide and all of them are very chic!

I did test-drive this car when I went to the Pop Up Playground at Summarecon Mall Bekasi and I have to say that this car is unexpectedly very comfy. You should try driving them!

This is when the MC announced the winners of the competition!

At the event there was also a talkshow by two Indonesian designers and a celebrity! You'll see a glimpse of their designs below.

This is one of the pieces that I think is very prettyyyyy<3

This is how the models slash mannequins look, slaying the stage,

I got a cute doll and a Sienta miniature inside the goodie bag, which is cute because I don't usually get that kinds of stuff but I love 'em <3

Thank you for reading guys! Until next post <3

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