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REVIEW Sociolla Box May (Yves Rocher, Utama Spice, Laneige, Cottage)


So for May, I got these beautiful products from Sociolla. I was super excited to try two of these four. Can you guess which products?

1. THIS Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar!

I have heard many many many good reviews about this rinsing vinegar and I had high hopes.

After trying it once, I was impressed, but not very impressed. Maybe because I had my expectation too high. OR maybe cause I have been regularly using clarifying shampoo, so this rinsing vinegar (which is supposed to rinse silicone buildup on the hair) does not feel like it does much.

For you who have oily hair and have not integrated clarifying shampoo into your routine, you have to give this product a try. This product will rinse away silicone buildup so your hair will feel more lightweight and volumised <3

2. The next product I got is this shower cream. In Strawberry & Mint (how refreshing and sweet does it sound?)

This is not the first time I used this shower cream. I have been liking Cottage ever since it is available in Indonesia. I have tried many variants and this is one of my faves. It is not drying because it's low in detergents, it smells amazing, and even though you don't use lotion after showering, your skin won't feel too dry.

The price is good too. AND since I have tried this, I'm thinking about giving this away, so stay tuned on my instagram so you won't miss the announcement :D

3. The third product I got is this sample sized Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

Again, this is not the first time I tried this product. I used it once around last year and to be honest it did not do much on my skin. I am assuming that is because my skin is not moisture-deprived, meaning that it does not need extra moisture.

For you with dry skin, many fellow bloggers have recommended this because it works well on their dry skin :D

4. Now the most awaited part, MY NEW FAVE!

Yes. I am so going to make a video review of this because this oil is magic. Yes. YES I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

This is the first time I tried VCO from Utama Spice and I thought it would feel heavy but gosh it feels super lightweight :'D love it so much, seriously. You can also use this everywhere on your body: hair, face, hands, legs, you name it.

It moisturises without making the skin feels sticky or oily. The oil, which looks and feels like oil, magically absorb into your skin and leave it nourished. I am in awe because of this product. JUST. THAT. GOOD.

You can see that it only contains VCO so it's good. This is not a gimmick, this is truly a virgin coconut oil slash magic oil you can use for everything.

Where can you buy it?

Can you get a discount? OF COURSE.

How? You can use this code: SBNLA9QB when checking out so you'll get a Rp50.000 discount for every 250k purchase.

Happy shopping, guys! Don't forget to buy the coconut oil and thank you for reading!! <3

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