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REVIEW Queen Helene Mud Mask


I bet a lot of you have heard about the goodness of Queen Helene mask! The mint one seems to be more popular but do you know that mint can be irritating your skin?

If you are aware of it then you should try another variant of Queen Helene mask that is safer. This one is a bit underrated but I really should tell you that this one is worth a try.

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque!

It's a mud mask, a classic mud mask that contains English clay. It is used to draw dirts out of your pores and make your pores squeaky clean.

Having clean pores is very important. It's the start to having flawless skin because almost all skin problems derive from dirty and clogged pores.

This mask will help you achieve clean pores because it contains all kinds of clay that help draw out dirts and excess oil on your skin. It has kaolin, bentonite, but also glycerin and propylene glycol to keep your skin less dried out. Because you know that clay mask tends to make your skin feel dry. I can guarantee you that this one does not terribly dry out your skin.

It does contain fragrance but since it's a mask (meaning that you rinse them out), it is fine.

The texture is very creamy, which I LOVE. I like creamy mask because it feels bouncy (?) hehe it's a matter of preference but I swear it feels nice on the skin.

I apply this mask using a mask brush, but applying it with clean hands is fine too. Since it's creamy so it's less messy than the more liquid ones.

How to use it is very easy, you cleanse your face, dry it out. And then apply it liberally on your skin. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it with water.

After that you can continue with toner (optional) and moisturizer (obligatory).

What I also really like about this product is it's CHEAP. For a tube this gigantic, it will last forever. And it's only Rp140.000 for 227 gr!

Where can you buy it that cheap? HERE!

Yes it's a local shop where you can get many many products from international brands, that are not available in Indonesia yet. YEAY!

You can check for the FULL ingredients breakdown!

Go get them before it runs out! Until next post!

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