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REVIEW Polka Cosmetics Eye & Brow Lacquer shade 'Moonwalk' and 'Rockabilly' + Li


Since I've been talking much about skincare lately, let us now talk about makeup!

You know how I love multifunctional products, you can see in my videos that I love to experiment with products' functionalities because I realize there are usually some overlapping functions between two different products.

Which is why I was stoked when I heard that Polka Cosmetics, which happens to be a local brand (YEAY!) released an Eye & Brow Lacquer! You heard it right, it can be used as eye shadow, as well as a brow gel slash powder.

Now can we take a moment of silence, appreciating how cute and cheerful the box looks <3 super adorbs!

The box looks like this when it first arrived at my house:

When I opened it, it looks like this

They sent a cute letter too. Adorbs xxx

Nah these are the Eye & Brow Lacquer products.

The left one is Moonwalk, it's a dark grey shade, whereas the one on the right is Rockabilly, a brown shade.

It comes with a spoolie and a small brush that is really lovely for shaping your brows, as well as for lining your eyes (tried and tested)

This is the cardboard packaging, you can see at the back side there is an instruction to how you make your eyebrows using this product. And how to use it as shadow.

When swatched on hand, they look like this. The texture is creamy powder. It's easy to apply, very pigmented and when it dries it turns powdery, which is REALLY GOOD because then your brows will look really natural.

For you with naturally dark hair I suggest you to buy the grey one. I love it so much, and I love the brown one as shadows so that means YOU NEED TO BUY THEM BOTH

they are just so lovely so you need to make sure that you get them quick!

Besides the eye and brow lacquers, I also got a matte lip lacquer in the shade 'Banjo'

This is how the cardboard packaging looks like

And the swatch on hand!

As you can see, Banjo is a semi-red rose shade. It is a bit brownish but not too much, so it falls under the neutral red category so it will suit ANY SKIN TONE. It's just so pretty but not too much. You will love it as much as I do.

Make sure you apply lip balm beforehand so it won't be too drying on your lips <3

Thanks for reading, guys! :D

Until next post!

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