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EVENT REPORT & REVIEW Dove Facial Foam (All 3 Variants)


Looking at the cover picture, do you recognise something familiar?

The face wash from Dove making its comeback! <3 finallyy

After several years disappearing from the market, they're back with more advancement on the ingredients.

Now, Dove includes Beauty Moisture Serum in its face washes, which ensure that the face wash does not dry out your skin or make it feel tight after usage.

They launched three different variants: Blue is for normal to dry skin. Pink is for dull skin that needs brightening. Green is for oily skin that needs mattifying. The one on the very left is a breakthrough product: it's a 3-in-1 cleanser. Makeup remover + face wash + beauty serum in 1 product. Amazing, isn't it?

The event that I attended to mostly discussed about the importance of face wash. Your skin is the most delicate part of your body, so you need to wash it gently. To wash it gently, you need a face wash with mild surfactant, that will not strip off your skin's natural moisture.

In the event, there were also some booths, the one below is the skin moisture check booth. There, the beauty advisor checks our skin moisture level before using Dove face wash and after using it. The result is that the skin moisture level increases after using Dove face wash. Wow.

The image below is when the beauty advisor demonstrated how to make dense foam using a foaming net.

Why is making a dense foam important? You should never lather the face wash by rubbing it on your skin. I'd repeat it: YOU SHALL NOT lather your face wash on the skin. You should lather it on your palm, making a thick and bouncy foam, and then apply the FOAM on your skin while massaging it gently.

The foam will then attract the dirt and excess sebum on your skin, and when you rinse it out, the dirt and sebum got cleansed away.

There was also a very insightful talkshow by a dermatologist and Dove representatives.

On the right you can see the presentation slide about the basic skincare. Cleansing marks the first step of your skincare routine so you should make sure you pick the best cleanser for your delicate skin.

The moisturizing substance in the Dove face wash (all 3 variants) is the Nutrium Moisture Beauty Serum. It consists of stearic acid and glycerin, which acts as moisturizing substance for the skin.

I have tried all three variants and I can say that they do not dry out my skin. Congrats Dove for making such a foamy cleanser that successfully does not dry out the skin. However, sensitive skin should be careful in trying out this product since it contains fragrance.

Washing my face using foamy foamy foaaamy face wash is always fun and I am glad that this one is not just fun, it is also effective in taking off dirt and excess sebum. I wiped my face using toner after cleansing and there were no makeup residue left on the cotton pad. SO yes it is effective in cleansing the skin.

Do try them out if you enjoy bubbles and foams and needing moisture for your skin! :D

You can get them at Sociolla too!


A group picture with Stella, Jennifer, and Kania!

Thanks for reading and until next post! :D

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