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REVIEW Elf Blush and Contour 'St Lucia' & Nabi Matte Lip Gloss


Writing two posts before vacation! hehe

Okay so I got these two products from Ponny Beaute <3 I was excited to try these two because they're cheap. So if I found them to be good I would be more than happy to share it to you.

The left one is the Elf Blush & Contour set, in shade 'St Lucia'. St Lucia was my suburb back when I was studying in Univ of Queensland so it kinds of bring back old memories hehe

The right one is Nabi Matte Lip Gloss in shade 'Plum Wine'. I have reviewed the Mocha shade before if I am not mistaken.

This is how the packaging looks like. Just a simple and sleek black matte packaging. Quite sturdy and obviously travel friendly because it's small.

It has mirror inside which definitely eases the application. BUT it does not come with any brush so you have to use your own. I like to apply this using EcoTools travel sized powder brush.

This is the swatch of each colour. The brown one is for contouring, while the peachy pink one is the blush. It has shimmer but not too much so it's good to make glowing makeup look <3 The colour is also very neutral so it's good for all ranges of skin tones.

The pigmentation is good but for people with darker skin, you might need to reapply it several times until the colour shows because it's sort of sheer.

And this one is the swatch of the Nabi Matte Lip Gloss in shade 'Plum Wine' super pretty isn't it?

Nabi Matte Lip gloss' finish is true matte. So you have to make sure you use lip balm beforehand. The pigmentation is great, only need 1 swipe to cover my lips evenly.

These two products deserve good ratings. I'm giving the Elf a 8.5/10 and the Nabi Matte Lip Gloss a 8/10. Because they're cheap but they're not bad at all.

You can buy them at Ponny Beaute or preferably contact them through their Line account<3

Until next post guys!

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