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What's in My Sociolla Box July


Time flies, aight? Can't believe it's time for another Sociolla Box!

In this Sociolla Box July, I got the product I super love from Menard, which is the Tsukika Cleansing Cream. I believe I have reviewed it in more detail here on my blog. You can read it HERE.

Okay so I got that full sized Menard cleansing cream. I screamed a bit because I was just about to run out of it. Love Sociolla <3

The next full sized product I got is the Wardah Hydrogloss lipstick in a bright pink shade.

But since it's a gloss, the color does not really show.

I have not been into glossy lipstick but to be honest this product kinda makes me interested in trying other glossy lipsticks.

It feels moisturizing on the lips, as opposed to when wearing matte lipstick (obviously). And the colour makes it look like my lips are soft. You have to try glossy lipsticks once in a while, it's interesting.

The third and fourth products I got are the Avene Cleanance Expert moisturizer and the SPF50 sunscreen.

I have not tried out the moisturizer because it is targeted to problematic skin, whereas my skin is in its best condition right now. I think I should wait until my period when my skin gets troublesome so I can see if this product does its claims.

The sunscreen, on the other hand, is proven by me, to be very comfortable to use and lightweight (surprisingly).

If you're looking for a sunscreen that is protective but not heavy, you can try this one out.

I won't be bored to remind you to subscribe to Sociolla box because seriously they're so generous with the goodies<3 Go to Sociolla to subscribe! Until next post!

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